When Nextant Aerospace wanted a new interior to complete its 400XT remanufacture of the Beechjet 400, it turned to Jeff Bonner Research and Development Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, which was already manufacturing new engine nacelles for Nextant and had experience of interior fittings for other executive aircraft.

At EBACE, Ed Harris, VP Sales and Marketing at Jeff Bonner, said that only as recently as January, Nextant supplied a spare Beechjet fuselage to act as a pattern. The first production shipset of interior panels is now installed in the Nextant 400XT.

For both economy and speed, Jeff Bonner designed and built a snap-fit but tight-tolerance interior that takes up on existing mountings in the cabin and cockpit. Costs are further reduced by the company supplying auxiliary items such as variable dimming LED lighting, a pull-out table and window shades as part of the package. However, Nextant takes the existing Beech seats and reupholsters them to complete the ensemble.

Interior number two is now in build, and the 20 kits so far on order will be delivered at two per month thereafter. Jeff Bonner has already supplied 36 nacelle sets at Nextant, and more follow-on contracts are expected for both. The Nextant 400XT won’t accommodate the airborne shower unit and some of the other, larger items in the Jeff Bonner portfolio.