The FAA’s long-standing opposition to the use of cell phones in-flight continues with the devices excluded from a new study on portable electronic devices (PEDs).

The six-month study is expected to investigate policies and procedures that aircraft operators currently follow and eventually present its recommendations to the FAA. The agency currently requires aircraft operators to determine that radio-frequency interference from PEDs does not pose inflight hazards, before authorizing their use.

Specifically, the group will review the testing methods used to assess inflight risk for new technologies and “the establishment of technological standards associated with the use of PEDs during any phase of flight.”

The agency also excludes cell phones from an effort expected later this week to solicit comment on its current PED guidelines during takeoff and landing, possible expansion of PED use, and the development of standards for aircraft-friendly PEDs.

The FAA will accept comments for up to 60 days following publication of the request this week in the Federal Register.