Since David Best became president of BBA Aviation’s Asia-Pacific arm in January 2012 he has been pursuing a brief to plan the strategic development of the region on behalf of all BBA Aviation companies, as well as managing existing businesses there.

One of its best known companies, Signature Flight Support (SFS), which has FBOs at 110 locations worldwide that are focused on regions with high business jet populations, has now opened a facility at Changi International Airport.

“This is a key airport within the region and compliments the Signature investment in Hong Kong, whilst its sister business ASIG also has secured the third ground handling license in Changi,” says Best. Asia-Pacific is a nascent but growing region for business and general aviation and has a large fleet of commercial aircraft.

“Within BBA Aviation we have a portfolio of businesses that cover both the aftermarket and flight support sectors of the market. As Asia-Pacific is large, it has different dynamics by country and area, and the opportunities therefore vary by sector depending on the specific geography. We undertake detailed market analysis to ensure we understand and review areas of opportunity globally.

“We are seeking relevant opportunities for Signature which may come by way of ownership, joint venture or license through our Signature Select product,” says Best. “We are constantly seeking value-creating opportunities in both the aftermarket systems and flight support divisions of BBA Aviation. Asia-Pacific represents a growth opportunity for the future, and as such we will seek to build our presence in appropriate businesses which serve the needs of our global and regional customers.”

On the potential of business aviation opportunities in China, Best says the basic premise is still a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. “There is activity in fleet and infrastructure, along with MRO. As the fleet grows the infrastructure will accelerate, but with such a large geography and relatively small fleet of 100+ aircraft, the facilities and support will have to leverage up over time, which in turn will accelerate the growth. I think it will take long-term investment to build businesses in that geography that can generate sustainable incomes.” BBA Aviation is at Booth 63 here.