Seattle-based Aviation Partners Inc. (API) announced on Oct. 29 that it recently tested its futuristic-looking split scimitar blended winglet design.

The split scimitar blended winglet is a follow-on design from a previously proven API technological innovation. The split winglet features the addition of a blended ventral fin to the existing blended winglet design, as well as high-performance winglet tips (scimitar tips) designed using advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology.

Initial CFD results indicated that the split winglets would produce a cruise performance gain of more than 30–40% compared to the original blended winglet configuration. The proof of concept testing took place earlier this year on a Boeing BBJ, and cruise drag results matched API’s CFD predictions.

API has not yet announced plans to make the new design available for any specific aircraft type. A full scale mock-up of the split scimitar winglets was on display at NBAA 2012, along with examples of API’s current blended winglets that are installed on Hawker and Falcon business jet models.