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in From The Archives May 28, 2015

Modified Boeing 747 In Refuelling Tests With SR-71

This photo of a Boeing 747 modified to a tanker configuration conducting a dry refueling hookup test with an Air Force/Lockheed SR-71 appeared on the....More
in From The Archives May 12, 2015

1976 McDonnell Douglas F-18 Advertisement

More than two years before first flight of the F-18 Hornet, this advertisement was placed in the April 19, 1976 issue of Aviation Week....More
in From The Archives May 07, 2015

1966 Lockheed SST Advertisement

Unfortunately for the child pictured in this advertisement, he would never get to experience supersonic travel on 'America's SST' - the L-2000. The....More
in From The Archives May 06, 2015

1966 Boeing 737 Advertisement

This advertisement for the Boeing 737 - "the newest member of world's first family of jets" - appeared in Aviation Week....More
in From The Archives May 06, 2015

1967 Concorde Advertisement

This double-page advertisement for Concorde was placed in Aviation Week....More
in From The Archives May 01, 2015

1956 Lockheed Job Advertisement

Less than a year after the U-2 Dragon Lady made its first flight, Lockheed was enticing jobseekers in the engineering field with ads promising 'a new....More
in From The Archives Apr 30, 2015

1956 Rolls-Royce Advert

This advert appeared in Aviation Week....More
in From The Archives Apr 29, 2015

1956 Boeing 707 Advertisement

Almost two years after the rollout of the 707 prototype at Renton Field, Boeing placed adverts in Aviation Week....More
in From The Archives Dec 09, 2014

Aviation’s Ten Commandments of Flying (1939)

These ten commandments were published in the May, 1939 issue of Aviation (which later became Aviation Week....More
in Things With Wings Nov 28, 2014

The Air France Strike Impact Visualised

Images show the impact on French airspace during and after the pilot strike....More
From The Archives

Aviation Week is approaching its 100th anniversary in 2016. In a series of blogs, our editors highlight editorial content from the magazine's long and rich history.


Jan 31, 2016

Tupolev 104: Harsh Proof Of Rapid Soviet Progress (1956) 17

Since little detail was available of the Russian design and built Tupolev 104, a profile was compiled for Aviation Week, based entirely on observations from photographs, experts such as engineers knowledgeable in typical Russian aircraft design and of its landing at London Airport....More
Jan 28, 2016

A Near View Of French Aviators (1917) 2

Some of the largest battles of the First World War were taking place in France when Aviation Week was first published....More
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