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in On Space Apr 09, 2013

Launch Prep

Antares, NASA's second commercial route to the International Space Station, is on the pad and getting ready for its inaugural launch on April 17....More
in On Space Apr 05, 2013

Growing Pains

SpaceX gave some big shots at the White House and NASA's political office suites a few bad moments last week when its Dragon cargo carrier had....More
in On Space Oct 26, 2012

Cool Video

Orbital Technologies Corp. (Orbitec) mounted a flight camera on the flight test vehicle it used Oct. 20 to demonstrate its new "vortex" rocket engine....More
in On Space Aug 06, 2012

Open Channel

Pasadena, Calif. – Controllers have been able to turn the Mars Odyssey orbiter to face the landing site where NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory will....More
in On Space Aug 05, 2012

First Indication

PASADENA, CALIF. - Controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory here won't know until a little after 1:30 a.m. EDT Monday at the earliest if the....More
in On Space Aug 05, 2012

Planetary Protection

PASADENA, CALIF. -- The big Mars Science Laboratory rover is heading "right down the pipe" to an on-target rendezvous with the planet Sunday night,....More
in On Space Aug 04, 2012

On Target

PASADENA, Calif. - NASA's Mars Science Laboratory is performing perfectly, and the weather on Mars is cooperating, for a landing in the planet's Gale....More
in On Space Jul 12, 2012

New Moon

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope to plot a safe course past Pluto for the New Horizons spacecraft have discovered a fifth moon orbiting....More
in On Space Jun 21, 2012

Close Encounters

A second look at the massive data set being generated by the Kepler space telescope has turned up a pair of extra-solar planets that pass so close to....More
in On Space May 21, 2012

Nice Work

SpaceX suffered a minor setback over the weekend, and the brash space-transportation startup came out of it smelling like a rose. The company's....More

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