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in Ares Apr 24, 2014

Meet Boeing's Ramis Tactical ISR Testbed

Boeing has been pushing hard to come on strong into the tactical ISR market....More
in Ares Apr 17, 2014

F-35 Cost Up $7.8B, Bogdan Fires on Pratt

Much of the $4.5 billion in cost increases in the past year to the now $398.6 billion U.S. portion of the F-35 program are due to overly rosy....More
in Ares Mar 07, 2014

NEW PODCAST: Fear and Loathing in DC

Remember the days when AvWeek had podcasts? Well, we're back and happy to talk about things that fly in air and space!....More
in Ares Feb 24, 2014

Will Silent Eagle Get Kicked out of the Nest?

With Boeing adjusting from its blistering loss to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 for the sale of 60 fighters to Seoul, the company has yet to officially....More
in Ares Feb 18, 2014

'15 MDA Request Ignites Old Debate On the Cost of Success

It is that time of year again. The Pentagon is in its annual last-minute race to the finish line to deliver a budget request to Congress. This year's....More
in Ares Feb 14, 2014

Are the Gloves Finally Off for the Dragon Lady?

For the first time in as long as I can remember going to defense shows (nearly 15 years), Lockheed Martin is holding a briefing next week on the U-2S....More
in Ares Dec 01, 2013

New Videos: X-47B Continues Sea Trials on the USS Theodore Roosevelt

The USS Theodore Roosevelt returned to port last week after hosting the X-47B for more at-sea trials. The goal was to test the aircraft's interaction....More
in Ares Oct 26, 2013

Textron's Scorpion to Take Flight

Textron is planning for first flight of its self-funded Scorpion light attack/ISR collector as early as next week, program sources say. ....More
in Ares Oct 22, 2013

Boeing Expands Its Tactical ISR Testing with Ramis

Building on its earlier work to design the specialized Yellow Jacket sensor suite for an unnamed customer, Boeing is continuing work on a newer....More

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