What Do YOU Know About Hawker's Chinese Buyer?


Teal Group analyst Richard Aboulafia has never been shy about voicing his opinion, including his skeptical view of Superior Aviation Beijing’s offer of $1.79 billion to acquire storied by bankrupt U.S. aircraft manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft.

In a public letter posted today, Aboulafia notes that little is known about Superior. “Their assets are not at all transparent,” he writes. “They don’t have a website. I have never heard of them, nor have most of my peers. They have in the past six years purchased several bankrupt aerospace assets (Superior Air Parts, Brantly Helicopters) for a tiny fraction of the cash they’re offering for Hawker. Since they bought those assets, they haven’t done much with them, although their flagship, Superior Aviation, has gone from 14 employees to about 25. They have made just one public comment about this deal.”

Aboulafia goes on with several examples of how the Chinese market so far has hardly been a bonanza for western aircraft companies.

Speaking of Superior,  Aviation Week’s Beijing Bureau Chief, Bradley Perrett, will be giving his take on the implications of the Hakwer deal in next Monday’s Aviation Week & Space Technology. Existing subscribers can view our new digital edition for free on leading tablets (i.e. iPads) 2-3 days (depending on location) before the issue date. To register to receive the digital edition, go to: AviationWeek.com/awstcustomers

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