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We just wrapped the first day of MRO BEER (Baltics, Eastern Europe, Russia) in Vilnius, Lithuania. What a day!

Talking with many people here has prompted the following thoughts and facts:

1. Althought we tried to define this area for topic purposes, many people debated the definition of the region and what really constitutes the "region." You're right: MRO is a cross border industry that goes beyond the BEER borders. Is the Baltics, Eastern Europe and CIS a logical configuration? Perhaps no, but it concentrated our discussion around a region. (And yes, the BEER acronym seems to be popular.)

2. People really seemed to like having this focus and cross pollinating their contacts. One airline I met is seeking sources for line and base maintenance, training, spare parts support etc. He's here to find partnerships. Another gentleman from Finland is seeking contacts in Russia. A person is Russia is looking for MROs in the eastern part of Europe...

3. While we talked about a lot of trends from the region, maybe everything wasn't new to everyone. That's okay. I think attendees learned something and a few were glad to affirm what they suspected was happening in the region.

4. I asked a lot of people what they learned today, and two things often came up. First, don't burn your bridges because you never know who your next partners will be. People expect more consolidation and partnerships. Two, the big might not succeed: its the strongest who will survive. I wrote those two points in my notes, too.

Signing off from Vilnius for the day. See you tomorrow.

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