UPDATE: DigitalGlobe's Before and After Images of MH17 Crash Site


The three images of the MH17 crash site (below) were taken by U.S. commercial remote-sensing services provider DigitalGlobe in October 2012 using its WorldView-1 satellite. Scroll down to see images of the same site taken by WorldView-1, WorldView-2 and QuickBird July 20 and 21.

These high-resolution images of the MH17 crash site (below) were taken July 20 and 21 by DigitalGlobe using its Quickbird, WorldView-1 and WorldView-2 optical imaging spacecraft.

DigitalGlobe has supplied downloadable KMZs of pre-MH17 imagery (http://goo.gl/225JTa) and post-MH17 imagery (http://goo.gl/1OfuC5) to Google Plus, images that were collected July 16 and 20. They've also told me that cloud cover prevented clear shots of the area on July 17, the day of the crash.

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on Jul 22, 2014

I clicked those links, but oddly the "pre-MH17 imagery (http://goo.gl/225JTa) and post-MH17 imagery (http://goo.gl/1OfuC5) supplied by DigitalGlobe and posted on Google Plus. " appear to be showing old photos instead of current ones.

Neither satellite image show the crash site or burn areas near Hrabove, but both pics feature long buildings or structures just to the lower left of the crash site that are shown to be long-gone and are now merely overgrown foundations in the current photos shown in this very article.

Those must have been taken years before the crash, due to all the visible growth(?) According to Google Earth historical imagery, those structures came down between 2005 and 2010. Said images may have indeed been taken on the 16th and 20th of July respectively, but not during this decade.

Wrong links maybe?

on Jul 22, 2014

Yes, I noticed it too. Thank you for the response. I've sent a couple of questions into DG, but they are on eastern time. I will update the post later today.

on Jul 22, 2014

Ok, the links open two separate kmz files, and from there you have to download the kmz files to Google Earth, and then you can view and zoom in on different layers of imagery in the region, including the crash site.

on Jul 22, 2014

Nobody is commenting on the 5+ hours that ANY country (USA, Russia, China, India, UK, France, Israel) with a satellite started tracking MH370. Somebody knows where MH370 is located.

on Jul 22, 2014

Totally in agreement on that one, somebody knows Inmarsat are just shooting in the dark. I am seriously thinking more than one nations leaders are aware and now with MH 17 to carry interest away it will end up like Kennedy's murder heard from in 30 years from now. What a serious threat and mess the Russian leadership have now created and very possibly to cover up the investigations into MH 370. I can honestly say that our world is as unstable as I have ever seen it since the Kennedy era! And sadly the leadership of the majority of countries is in morale decay. Meaning countries of doom and despair. And times economically are definitely at an all time low. Who's going to pay out all these lawyers and insurance claims in the near future. As so many politicians fill their pockets and their indexed pensions,to live like wealthy fat cats.

on Jul 22, 2014


on Jul 22, 2014

Download KMZ's....Got it. Thanks Amy.

on Jul 22, 2014

Did you get it to work? I got July 20 to work, but the July 16 file took me to northern Africa..

on Jul 22, 2014

Same here. The first link displayed the correct BEFORE photo, but the second took me out to the southern Libyan desert.

on Jul 23, 2014

I'll be seeing DG first week of August in DC; will bring my laptop and ask for a tutorial.

on Jul 24, 2014

How odd that they send us to North Africa unintentionally via that one crash site link, then shortly afterwards an airliner goes down in North Africa (though not in Libya). Almost "Twilight Zone" material, eh?

on Jul 27, 2014

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