Strike A (Balanced) Pose #MROE


One of the biggest topics here at MRO Europe is pricing pressure and the competitive landscape. Companies feel squeezed. Many are concerned that OEMs intend to dominate the aftermarket.


Air France Industries President Franck Terner provided an interesting view today and stressed the need for balance. Monopolies aren’t popular. He says it’s hard to get maintenance documentation from the OEMs. “Can I ask OEMs to get out of the aftermarket or give away their IP for free? No.” Terner understands that OEMs spend lots of money to develop products, and he says for airlines and MROs to be healthy, OEMs need to continue doing that.


At the same time, OEMs need MROs and manufacturers can’t expect them to shut down. However, to strike a balance, he foresees more commercial agreements being signed between the two.


“We need a balanced [aftermarket] scenario, it’s the only option,” says Terner. He urges other MROs to deliver this message to OEMs, too.

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