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An Australian couple with first class seats on a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne refused to fly when the airline could not offer them pyjamas in the right size, reports the Daily Mail. The couple's antics delayed the flight by 30 minutes, with the pair insisting on being given extra large pyjamas to wear on the 15-hour flight. They demanded to leave the A380 and were walked back to the terminal to wait for the next flight.  

A 10-year old girl flying from San Fransisco to Traverse City, Michigan via Chicago was lost by United, her parents have claimed. The unaccompanied minor's parents had paid $99 to be escorted by an airline representative during her travels to summer camp, but through an unfortunate series of events during her connection at Chicago, the girl missed her flight and wasn't given the opportunity to phone home, according to NBC News.

Allowing enough time to get to the gate takes on a new meaning at some international airports. Passengers encounter a two mile walk at Beijing while those at Atlanta can expect a 1.3 mile stroll. The U.K.'s Gatwick airport has the highest walking distance in the country with a 1.12 mile stretch, reports Airport International, which takes a look at the list of longest airport walks compiled by British insurer Direct Line. 

A pensioner with two return Ryanair tickets from East Midlands, UK to Dinard, France contacted the airline for a refund after his wife suffered a heart attack. He claims the airline told him to fly without his wife and take the flight with someone else. He's now demanding an apology from Michael O'Leary. The airline confirms a full refund would be issued on receipt of a faxed doctor's note, reports The Telegraph.

A review of New York JFK airport's $100 million security system is in place after a jet skier swam to the airport when his skis failed him in the water near the runway. He managed to get through the airport's perimeter intrusion detection system undetected and crossed two runways into terminal 3 before finally being spotted by staff, reports ABC News

The TSA has published a year-to-date report revealing what items passengers attempt to take through airport security. Among the 821 firearms confiscated, some were imaginatively hidden in potted plants or inside stuffed animals. Gizmodo lists some of the more unusual items found by TSA, including a live 40mm high explosive grenade, a bazooka round, a dead venomous snake and a chastity belt. 

The crew of an Air France flight that was forced to divert to Damascus due to civil unrest at its destination, Beirut, asked passengers to stump up cash to help pay the fuel bill after Syrian authorities refused payment by credit card, reports Reuters.

The FAA is investigating an incident between a Bank of America owned Gulfstream 650 leased by Heinz and a Beechcraft King Air owned by West Air Holdings. According to the Daily Mail, a bar connecting the G650 to a towing vehicle separated, sending the jet straight in the direction of the turboprop. 

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