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I’ve just been looking at Virgin America’s new safety video. I must say, it’s impressive. Very slick and cleverly done, and it even had a non-hip person like myself tapping my foot. If you haven’t seen it yet, see below. Then read on, because I’m going to nitpick.

See? Really entertaining, and I thought it still got the required information across nice and clearly. It also has about 2.5 million hits so far on Youtube.

However, in its press material, Virgin America claims that this is “the first-ever safety video set entirely to music and performed in dance.”

Now, if you’ve ever sat next to a New Zealander in a bar for more than a few minutes, you will know that a) we talk funny, and b) we were the first to do pretty much everything (and we’re not shy about telling people). You know, first to split the atom, first to climb Mount Everest, first to give women the vote, first with powered flight, etc. etc.

So it is my duty as a New Zealander to claim that once again we were the first to do this. I give you Air New Zealand’s safety briefing featuring Richard Simmons, from 2011. I say this qualifies as performing in dance!

Actually, I think Cebu Pacific might have a claim on the title too. Back in 2010 Cebu flight attendants created headlines worldwide when their flight attendants performed a safety briefing with music and dance (although I guess it wasn’t a video).


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