French Defense By The Numbers

French Defense Spending 2013

Payroll: € 11.37 billion
Everything Else: €18.78 billion
Extraordinary Income: €1.27 billion*

Total: €31.42 billion

*Cash coming from one-time sales of state-owned assets. In the coming year the French government foresees applying several billion in proceeds from the sale of these assets — mainly property — to the defense budget. This represents a one-time cash infusion that will not be repeated. In other words, when French President Francois Hollande talked recently about freezing defense spending at 2013 levels (€31.4 billion), not only was he not accounting for inflation, but he wasn't necessarily including extraordinary income either. That means the budget between 2014-2019 could fluctuate depending on the timing of the sale of these assets.

French Armed Forces:

Military personnel: 218,544

Civilian staff: 66,709

Total workforce: 285,253

Defense Industry:

< 4000 companies

Consolidated Turnover: €15 billion/170,000 jobs

French Defense Spending 2014-2019: €179 billion

Projected Spending 2014-2025: €364 billion

Based on these figures, by 2025 the French armed forces will comprise:

Land Forces:

66,000 Personnel

7 Armed brigades

200 Heavy tanks

250 Medium tanks

2,700 Armored vehicles

140 Reconnaissance and attack helicopters

115 Maneuver helicopters

About 30 tactical UAVs




1 Aircraft carrier

15 First rank frigates

About 15 patrol ships

6 Surveillance frigates

3 Projection and command

Air Force:

225 Fighters (air and sea)

About 50 tactical transport aircraft


3 E2C Hawkeye

12 MRTTs

12 Theater surveillance drones

8 Ground-based aerial defense systems (SAMP/T)

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