F-35 Comment Roundup


We've had some good stories and posts on the F-35 recently, including lots of comments from readers. So, in case you missed something, here are the links and some provocative comments. There's plenty of grist for your mill here. Please let us know what you think.

Opinion: No Time For Inaccuracy On JSF Costs (13 comments)

For the last 13+ years of JSF development the mantra has remained the same.

1. Perpetually behind schedule (by years).
2. A program that is always over budget.
3. Aircraft that are hugely more expensive (and complicated) than predicted.

LM's defective responses throughout the years have also followed a similarly predictable cycle:

1. Shift the blame to others (the Pentagon, parts suppliers, the GAO, APA, Rand, etc, etc).
2. Muddy the waters with stupidly low cost predictions which are nowhere close to the actual cost of the current aircraft.
3. Predict that the F-35 will defeat all others in the fighter world in spite of a plethora of technical problems that have resulted in downgraded legacy fighter performance metrics.

Opinion: F-35 Is Not Too Pricey, Performance Is Better (41 comments)

Today I got my e-copy of AW&ST and the usual last page editorial is from... Loren Thompson as viewpoint.
I searched carefully and it's not marked as advertisement and neither listed in the "advertisers in this issue" section.
I'm puzzled... should I wait for a correction box in next AW&ST issue?

Counting Dollars: The Cost Of The F-35 (11 comments)

Always interesting how no one here questions reports about the F-35 being too expensive (and the more dramatic, the more they are believed), but reports that contradict this are always discredited.

Math Is Hard (10 comments)

Nothing makes for gripping aerospace journalism like... forensic accounting!
I suspect the "unique" way in which the (fully equipped) Super Hornet was (and is) procured, contracted and accounted for precludes any meaningful analysis. Probably by design...

Behind The Threatened F-35 Delays (4 comments)

Unfortunately the question then becomes...so what? What are the likely ramifications to all these likely delays? Is DoD or Congress likely to do anything other than keep the program limping along? History would seem to indicate not.

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