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Mar 29, 2016

Designers Study Evolution Of Concorde (1971)8

Five years before Concorde was introduced into service, an advanced design team was already working on a second-generation transport that would be....More
Mar 23, 2016

A Potted History Of Airships9

From the dawn of aviation, through to the modern day, the airship has undergone sporadic revivals. A pattern emerges that the airship’s....More
Mar 21, 2016

Effects Of Altitude On Aviators In 1917

Yandell Henderson, professor of physiology at Yale Medical School, explains the effects of altitude sickness in an article from Aviation Week 99....More
Feb 29, 2016

Celebrate Leap Day With A Look Back At Our Feb. 29 Issues

Leap days are pretty rare, of course, coming only once every four years. But when you publish a weekly magazine that’s dated on Mondays, Leap....More
Feb 25, 2016

Aviation Week Exclusively Details Boeing's Project X - The 707 (1953)6

In June 1953, Aviation Week was the first publication to detail Boeing's effort to develop the company’s first passenger jet, the 707 or “Project X.”....More
Feb 23, 2016

XS-1 Supersonic Scoop (1947)7

Aviation Week scored one of the biggest aerospace scoops of the 20th century when on December 22, 1947, it revealed that the fabled sound barrier had....More
Feb 12, 2016

Finding Our Own History In 100-Year Archive1

Serendipity can lead you to amazing discoveries in the 100-Year Archive. A 1917 ad for the Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp. featured a photo of a New....More
Jan 31, 2016

Tupolev 104: Harsh Proof Of Rapid Soviet Progress (1956)20

Since little detail was available of the Russian design and built Tupolev 104, a profile was compiled for Aviation Week, based entirely on....More
Jan 28, 2016

A Near View Of French Aviators (1917)2

Some of the largest battles of the First World War were taking place in France when Aviation Week was first published....More
Jan 21, 2016

Hindenburg: Is The Game Worth The Candle? 19372

In 1937, AVIATION magazine (then printed monthly), had time to digest the terrible disaster of the Hindenburg airship which was destroyed by fire on....More
Jan 21, 2016

Improving The Reactions Of First Time Fliers (1931)

Under the headline, “To Be Or Not To Be”, an article published in the Jan, 7, 1931 issue of AVIATION ponders a question posed by Shakespeare’s Hamlet....More
Jan 13, 2016

Glenn's 1962 Pilot Report From The NASA Mercury Mission7

John Glenn's Mercury pilot report, published in Aviation Week & Space Technology in 1962, shows he has the "right stuff."....More
Jan 08, 2016

The Present and Past Declines of U.S. Aerospace

A group of renown panelists this week painted a troubling picture of the challenges faced by the U.S. Aerospace and Defense community. While many of....More
Dec 22, 2015

7E7 Launches Boeing’s Comeback (2003)9

With Boeing sitting on a backlog of commercial airplane orders worth $426 billion, it's hard to believe that just a dozen years ago there were....More
A Century of Aviation Week

Aviation Week & Space Technology is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. In a series of blogs, our editors highlight editorial content from the magazine's long and rich history.


Mar 23, 2016

A Potted History Of Airships 9

From the dawn of aviation, through to the modern day, the airship has undergone sporadic revivals. A pattern emerges that the airship’s sustainability comes down to economics. ...More
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