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Jun 29, 2015

Aviation Week Exclusively Details Boeing's Project X - The 707 (1953)2

In June 1953, Aviation Week was the first publication to detail Boeing's effort to develop the company’s first passenger jet, the 707 or “Project X.”....More
Jun 26, 2015

1961 BAC One-Eleven Advertisement3

Soon after the public launch of the One-Eleven with launch customer British United Airways, BAC took out a four-page ad in the August 28, 1961 issue....More
Jun 25, 2015

1963 Lockheed C-130 Advertisement

How much work can a big airlifter do?....More
Jun 24, 2015

1955 Honeywell Electronic Fuel Measurement System Ad

America's first jet transport, the Boeing 707 prototype, incorporated "revolutionary features", including Honeywell's Electronic Fuel Measurement....More
Jun 23, 2015

1966 Northrop F-5A Advertisement3

In 1966, Northrop offered every F-5A pilot a punch in the nose....More
Jun 19, 2015

When The U.S. Army Air Forces Was Born4

Seventy-four years ago, the U.S. Department of War created the Army Air Forces -- the predecessor to what has become the U.S. Air Force....More
Jun 05, 2015

Dassault Mystere 20 At The 1963 Paris Air Show1

52 years ago the Mystere 20 performed a number of flypasts during the 1963 Paris air show at Le Bourget, the same show where Charles Lindbergh....More
Jun 04, 2015

‘Stewardesses’ Clamor For Rights (1967)

It’s tempting to call the 1960s the “Golden Age of Aviation,” but beyond the glamour lay an ugly reality of mandatory weigh-ins, girdle-checks and....More
Jun 04, 2015

A Law That Changed The Airline Industry Beyond Recognition (1978)7

On Oct. 24, 1978, when President Jimmy Carter signed the Airline Deregulation Act, the airline industry changed forever, and it can be argued we’re....More
May 29, 2015

1957 Boeing 707 Advertisement5

This advert, placed in the October 14, 1957 issue of Aviation Week....More
May 28, 2015

Modified Boeing 747 In Refuelling Tests With SR-712

This photo of a Boeing 747 modified to a tanker configuration conducting a dry refueling hookup test with an Air Force/Lockheed SR-71 appeared on the....More
May 12, 2015

1976 McDonnell Douglas F-18 Advertisement6

More than two years before first flight of the F-18 Hornet, this advertisement was placed in the April 19, 1976 issue of Aviation Week....More
May 08, 2015

1953 Honeywell Advertisement Magazine Cover1

The control system theory that makes for precision autoflight control of today’s modern jetliners is taken for granted, but in 1953 – only 30 years....More
May 07, 2015

1966 Lockheed SST Advertisement

Unfortunately for the child pictured in this advertisement, he would never get to experience supersonic travel on 'America's SST' - the L-2000. The....More
May 06, 2015

Stealth. 80,000ft. $375 Million A Copy. Did We Say This Was In 1970?7

Aviation Week's 1970 story on the then-secret Compass Arrow unmanned air vehicle only scratched the surface of one of the era's most interesting....More
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