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on Jun 24, 2014

Yes, i also said, don't sweat, like those 27 sailors from Donald Cook, and also be sure that Russian wasn't capable to make, more than one and half ASH tree class Subs which beside that many Brit's and Australian experts just by viable date give opinion about YASEN like one of most capable and dangerous Sub Hunter killer-and ship (carrier)killer, but See Wolf is 1000 years a head so don't sweat ,Just before 8 years for six month Russian subs was flaw around US coast unseen until they was surfaced, (1986)In operation Atrina, of 6 Victor III(exactly predecessors of Yasen class) whit 95% of all capability for Sub tracking assets from Ships, Airplane's and stationed sonars US navy wasn't capable to catch any one during penetration trough US navy guard of US coast, one was catch when they must surfaced because of some heavy damage on engine,. Until rest of 5 was spend some time on entrance of every of main US harbors, i can remember then also US Navy was claim that US traction device, And subs it self is so superior to the any USSR Subs, that there is not theoretical chance that Russians can unnoticed come closer than 1000 Nm to the US coast. This kind of titles "Don't Sweat Russian's Newest Submarine" is write in one (web edition) magazine which wish to be seen like respectful expert opinion magazines, can't afford it's self so full of demagogy and cheap A'la Cold war propaganda columns and "experts " opinions.I will understand that in columns about Yassen was wrote some of tech characteristic , and make compare whit Sea Wolfs, and similar, but that kind of arrogant writing which is based just on the worst wishes and same economic prediction towards Russian nation is everything but for sure is not any credible insight like real tech aspect and analyze of one by any standard very interesting and on first sight and first declared opinion very powerful and possible extremely silent Submarine.

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