1. Air Culinaire Worldwide Launches in Paris

Air Culinaire announced a new menu concept they call a “Lifestyle Menu.” According to the company, the menu is the first of its kind in corporate aviation using culinary items from around the globe. Clients can choose from menus such as Artistic, Classic, Cultured Urban, Production, Punctual and Influential. The Paris Lifestyle Menu is available online and at local FBOs. Visit: www.airculinaireworldwideparis.com. Orders may be made online, by emailing paris@airculinaire.com.

Air Culinaire Worldwide
Tampa, Florida, (813) 449-6000

2. New ELT Test Programmer Set

ACR Electronics Inc.’s aviation brand ARTEX, introduced the ARTEX TPS 8715 test and programmer set for the genera aviation market. The unit will program, test and decode ARTEX 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) models; the ME406, ELT 1000 and ELT 345. The kit includes a programmer with rechargeable battery and antenna, GA programming cable, quick-start guide with access codes to easy online training and software installation. 

ACR Electronics,Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, (954) 862-2180

3. Cabin Crew Scholarship From EBAA and TAG

EBAA and TAG Aviation launch TAG Aviation Scholarship for cabin crew training. It is being offered within the framework of EBAA’s WE-CARE program and in cooperation with the European Corporate Flight Attendants Committee and is available to WE-CARE members who are encouraged to apply between June 8 and August 15. The scholarship covers the fee for a training course for one person and is valued at about 700 euros. Apply at www.scholarship@we-care.ebaa.org

TAG Aviation

4. Online Quote Approval from myDuncan

Duncan Aviation customers are now able to review, compare and approve sales quotes via the myDuncan portal. They can ask questions and provide feedback as they compare revisions, and electronically approve an agreement. The second feature to the portal gives customers the ability to view project workflow schedules and history of approved work while monitoring their aircraft as it progresses through project milestones. Finally, customers can view their invoices, waybills, and other documents online, as well as select the preferred method of delivery and frequency.

Duncan Aviation
Lincoln, Nebraska, (402) 475-2611

5. Falcon Aviation Expands MRO Service to PC-12s

Falcon Aviation of the United Arab Emirates is expanding its MRO activity in the turboprop market with a Pilatus PC-12 service center at its Al Bateen Executive Airport hangar facility. Under the warranty services of Pilatus and the backing of AMAC Aerospace, the company has ratified a new partnership agreement with PC-12 charter operator GI Aviation to provide line and base maintenance plus regional AOG support. Future expansion may include the PC-24 light jet, for both charter operations and MRO support.

Falcon Aviation
Al Bateen Executive Airport
United Arab Emirates

6. Satair and Metamaterial Technologies Partner for Laser Strike Protection

Satair Group (an Airbus wholly owned subsidiary) and Metamaterial Technologies Inc., and its optical filters division Lamda Guard of Halifax, Nova Scotia, signed a memorandum of understanding that will lead to an exclusive multi-million dollar global distribution agreement to bring MTI’s laser protection product metaAIRTM to the civil aviation market. MetaAIRTM is nano-fabricated as a flexible metamaterial optical filter that can be applied to any transparent surface, such as the inner surface of an aircraft’s cockpit windscreen, to control unwanted light sources while not interfering with visibility. The filter deflects harmful laser beams aimed at aircraft cockpits even at high-power levels and from wide angles preventing the beam from reaching the inside of the aircraft cockpit, according to the company. 

Satair Group

7. Astronautics Roadrunner EFI Demos at Paris Show

Astronautics Corp. of American’s new RoadRunner electronic flight instrument (EFI) — in cooperation with Regourd Aviation and Aerotec — completed demo flight on an Agusta A109 helicopter at the Paris Air Show. The EFI is a drop-in replacement and is the fastest and most cost-effective upgrade from existing ADI’s and HSI’s to EFI system functionality. The display provides flight crews with enhanced safety, reduced maintenance and replacement costs, and minimal downtime. The EFI will include Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS).

Astronautics Corp. of America
Milwaukee, Wisconsin