All indicators were showing a stronger market for used business jets, while inventories for used aircraft on the market overall continue to inch down, according to data released by industry analyst JetNet.

The number of business jet sales transactions increased 4.9% in June, compared with the same period a year ago, while the percentage of fleet for sale declined 0.3% to 13.5%. At the same time, average asking price increased 4.9%, which comes as welcome news to manufacturers having to support deep discounts to move their new aircraft inventories.

The used turboprop-for-sale inventory, meanwhile, declined 1.3% to 8.9% of the fleet as the number of transactions increased 0.2%. But the average asking price for used turboprops declined 2.4%, and the aircraft are remaining on the market 28 days longer.

The used turbine helicopter market saw a 9.7% increase in price, while the for-sale inventory declined 0.4% to 6.2% of the fleet in June. Average days on the market, however, increased by 21 days and the number of transactions overall dropped 14.2%.

Likewise, the number of sales transactions for piston helicopters fell 12.1%, and their average number of days on market increased by 46 days. This comes even with an 0.9% decline in price. Fewer piston helicopters, however, are being offered for sale. The available inventory declined 0.8% to 5.9% of the fleet.