Singapore Technologies Aerospace became the first independent aircraft engine maintenance and engineering provider designated by CFM International as a TRUEngine service provider for the CFM56.

CFM partners Snecma and GE Aviation developed the TRUEngine program in 2008 to recognize airlines that use only certified CFM parts rather than PMA (parts manufacturer approval) parts. CFM says more than 30% of CFM56 engines in commercial service are covered under that program. In April, it launched a similar program for the GE CF6 powerplant with Nippon Cargo Airlines as the launch customer.

ST Aerospace CEO Chang Cheow Teck says that ST Aero worked to gain the TRUEngine status over three years, following a “disciplined process.” It invested in logistics planning to develop a pure OEM solution, Chang says, to “keep the integrity of the engines we support.” The fact that ST Aero is a TRUEngine provider means that all of the engines it services are eligible for TRUEngine status, as well.

ST Aero’s new joint venture engine leasing business with Japanese conglomerate Marubeni Group also will focus on the CFM56. The 50/50 JV, Total Engine Asset Management, plans to include CFM56-3, -5B and -7B models.