Occupants enter the aircraft through an aft, left-side 4.3-ft.-high-by-2.2-ft.-wide air-stair door that has passenger assist hand cables on the left and right. The aircraft also is available with a 4.1-ft.-high-by-4.3-ft.-wide cargo door. The aft lavatory is immediately across from the entry door. It features an internally serviced flush toilet, a window and optional, foldout vanity with wet sink, mirrors and storage racks. Aft of the lavatory is a 55-cu.-ft., internally accessible baggage compartment. If the lav features the optional foldout vanity, baggage compartment capacity is reduced to 45 cu. ft. Raisbeck Engineering wing lockers add 16 cu. ft. and 600 lb. of external baggage capacity.

The 350i features a new sound suppression system featuring triple-layer skin panel insulation and dynamically tuned vibration dampers, plus 3-in.-thick thermal insulation and an acoustically isolated interior shell. The system is tuned for 1,500 prop rpm and it lowers noise to about 78 dB in cruise, a 4-dB reduction.

The main seating area is 4.8 ft. high, 4.5 ft. wide and 13.9 ft. long, providing about 248 cu. ft. of volume for the passengers. The fuselage has a square oval cross section and a flat floor, except for a small rise in the front to accommodate the center section wing spar. Thus, it has more usable foot, hip, shoulder and headroom than the raw dimensions might suggest.

There are seven windows on each side of the main seating area. Similar to those on the Boeing 787, each window has an electro-chromic darkening pane.

Most King Air 350i aircraft are con–figured with fore and aft double-club seating accommodating eight passengers. One or both forward facing chairs in the aft cabin can be swapped temporarily or permanently for optional ottoman leg rests. Individual seat warmers are avail–able as options. Cargo/combi, 15-occupant high-density seating, air ambulance and special mission versions also are available.

A Rockwell Collins Venue inflight entertainment system is standard, including a foldout 15.3-in. HD LCD monitor at the front of the cabin, individual seat monitor jacks and a Blu-ray player. Right-side pairs of facing chairs have USB, RGB and other A/V input ports in covered compartments in the side ledges. Options include two- or four-channel XM satellite radio entertainment systems; Airshow moving map; a second, aft-mounted, swing-out HD LCD monitor; and individual plug 10.6-in. HD LCD monitors for each seat, along with Aircell Axxess II Iridium satcom phone and Gogo Biz air-to-ground Wi-Fi.

Cabin IFE functions, including lighting and temperature modulation, are controlled by means of a touch-screen, programmable switch panel (PSW) at each seat. The PSWs also have iPod/iPhone tray mounts that support both audio and video entertainment inputs that can be enjoyed by all passengers.