Name & ICAO identifier: Lanseria (FALA)

Coordinates: 25° 56' 19” S 27° 55' 24” E

POE: Yes

Elevation: 4,517 ft.

Runways: 6L/24R, 9,951 ft. x 98 ft., asphalt; 6R/24L, 6,716 ft. x 75 ft., asphalt.

Slots: No, however, prior notice required for movements between midnight and 0500 local.

Noise restrictions: No

Curfew: No

FBOs: ExecuJet South Africa

Clear CIQ at: Passenger terminal. After clearance (10-15 min. average), aircraft authorized to taxi to FBO for parking.

Parking: VIP parking at FBO; also available on main apron.

Hanagarage: Available if scheduled in advance.

Fuel: Jet A1

Credit: Yes

Maintenance: ExecuJet (note that maintenance for most business jets is available at several locations within the RSA).

Lav service: Yes

Catering: Yes

Fees: Landing, parking and handling, all comparable to Europe or North American pricing.

Security: Airport monitored 24-hr. private security unnecessary.

Ground Transportation: All types; Johannesburg's public transit is well developed. Recommend vetted limousines and cars.

Distance and driving time to downtown: 20 min. in good traffic; 30-45 min. during rush hours