The country is also highly cosmopolitan, due to the fact that two-thirds of its population consists of expatriates from other countries. Alcohol is not forbidden, and business aviation operators will not be required to lock up liquor on their airplanes or fear cabin inspections. Women are not required to be completely covered, and a head scarf tastefully worn is sufficient to meet local religious customs. However, this is still a Muslim country, and public drunkenness or inappropriate behavior will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including ejection from the country at best and several years in prison at worst. And if you value your freedom, don't even think about bringing recreational drugs into the country.

Doha is a welcoming city with lots of culture. “It has good hotels and food, and alcoholic beverages are available,” the aviation manager said. “Women are covered but not to the extent you would see in Saudi Arabia. We often go to the old town market to eat in outdoor restaurants. And the country is generally favorable to the U.S.” BCA