Bombardier Aircraft held a ceremonial celebration for the “delivery” of the first Learjet 75s on Oct. 17 – ceremonial because the aircraft is not yet certified.

Bombardier had hoped to have U.S. FAA certification of the aircraft leading into the National Business Aviation Association convention Oct. 22-24, but the U.S. government shutdown pushed it off.

The first two takers of the Learjet 45 follow-on are Louis Beck, who is involved in banking and real estate, and charter company London Air Services. Beck, who has owned eight Learjets, is replacing a 45 with his new 75. London Air Services, meanwhile, is taking delivery of five 75s. London Air Services has another five Learjet 85s on order.

Bombardier, which quietly rolled out the first Learjet 85 to employees recently, is still hoping to fly the aircraft either this year or early next year, with deliveries following a year later.

Bombardier marked the deliveries and had the first Learjet 85 on hand for viewing during a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Learjet in Wichita.