Meanwhile, Bombardier's Learjet 85 — the largest aircraft to bear that famous marque, and the first constructed of composites rather than aluminum — should begin flight testing this year.

Fabrication of the first aircraft is well underway with the company's Belfast division having shipped wing spars and skins to Bombardier's new manufacturing plant in Querétaro, Mexico, dedicated to the model. Final assembly, flight testing and customer delivery of the aircraft will take place at the company's Wichita, Kan., facility, which has undergone a major expansion to accommodate the new model.

The Learjet 85's cabin will be a hair shy of 6 ft. tall, a hair wider than that and stretch for nearly 25 ft. from the cockpit divider to the rear pressure bulkhead. Its target, four-passenger range is 3,000 nm and long-range cruise is Mach 0.78. The aircraft will feature a Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite, with three 15.1 in Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays and will be powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 307B turbofans, each rated at 6,100 lb. thrust.

The $19.6 million aircraft is on schedule for service entry in 2013.