JetBlue is placing an order for 40 A320NEO (new engine option) airliners and changing part of its existing A320 order to A321s.

The airline will shift 30 of the A320s to A321s out of JFK. The aircraft will come off the line with winglets. Those aircraft are to be delivered in 2013; the NEOs are to be delivered starting in 2017.

The engine selection for the NEOs has not been made. The airline plans to run a competition.

What is more, Airbus is now offering a winglet retrofit project, which it will either implement on its own or with a third party provider. The retrofits are available from 2013 and should offer around 3.5% fuel burn savings as the forward fit, says John Leahy, Airbus COO for customers.

The price will for the winglet will be similar to the forward fit, around $950,000, although the retrofit kit could add to the cost. Leahy says the cost differential should be small, though.

The retrofit will apply to the A319, A320 and A321.

JetBlue officials say the winglet should assure the ability of the A320 to fly transcontinental. JetBlue has committed to upgrading all its owned A320s with the retrofit package.