In yet another reminder of how transformative an impact the Iridium satellite service has made in the aviation industry, Aircell's Axxess communications system and Data Interface Unit (DIU) have received approval in SITA's Validation, Assessment & Qualification (VAQ) program. As Future Air Navigation System (FANS) over Iridium (FOI) technology continues to emerge, this qualification is a critical milestone because it validates that Aircell's satcom equipment meets all the performance requirements for operation in a FANS environment.

Meanwhile, Aircell's Axxess has been selected by Gulfstream as standard equipment aboard its new G650. The system provides global voice service and narrowband data capabilities via the Iridium network. Integrated cabin handsets allow passengers and crew to easily place and receive voice calls to or from anywhere in the world. Axxess is currently offered on dozens of models of new aircraft from Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Falcon Jet, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft and others.

Two members of Aircell's global dealer network have received separate installation certifications for Aviator 300/350 systems from Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The new certifications represent the first-ever approvals of SwiftBroadband-based communications systems in that country. Aircell's Aviator-series products, powered by Thrane & Thrane, enable global email, light Internet and voice capabilities via Inmarsat's satellite-based SwiftBroadband service.

And beginning in 2012, Cessna will offer the Aviator 300 system as an option on new Citation XLS+, Citation Sovereign and Citation X aircraft. The Aviator 300 will be fully integrated with the Axxess cabin system, enabling passengers and crew to send and receive email with attachments, surf the Web, access a corporate VPN and more, using their own Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets, electronic flight bags (EFBs) and smartphones. They also can place and receive voice calls using integrated cabin handsets.

Cessna will offer Aircell's Gogo Biz high-speed Internet capability as a factory option for the Citation CJ4 beginning in first quarter 2012. Gogo Biz provides passengers and flight crews with high-speed Internet capabilities above 10,000 ft. in the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska, using their own Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, tablets, EFBs, smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition, the CJ4 already includes global Iridium voice capabilities from Aircell as standard equipment. With integrated cabin handsets, passengers and crews can place and receive voice calls to or from anywhere in the world and use call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling features.