TrueNorth Avionics has introduced business aviation's first multilingual handset, the Stylus, which also incorporates TrueNorth's one-button interface, HD voice capability, wired and wireless configuration options, and personalization options that include custom materials to match the decor of any cabin or aircraft interior. Designed to match the footprint of TrueNorth's previous-generation handsets, the Stylus can be programmed to operate in any language, including those with dedicated character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

Previously, TrueNorth introduced a compact Wi-Fi cabin networking device, ExpressPlus, which securely manages all wireless communications, IFE and cabin management devices. Using a built-in Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi link, the TrueNorth ExpressPlus interfaces with all FCC-approved airborne wireless devices, from communications units like handsets, intercoms and smartphones, to IFE units like DVD players, music players and game consoles, to cabin control systems for lighting and ventilation, to EFBs in the cockpit. Like its predecessor, the TrueNorth Express, the ExpressPlus also lets aircraft operators use their BlackBerrys to send and receive email over their existing Iridium satcom phones.