Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Rockwell Collins will soon offer HD virtual surround sound on its second generation dPAVES IFE system. Integrated into dPAVES high-definition media servers, the new virtual surround sound, provided by SRS WOW HD, fully immerses passengers in a theater-like experience that is tunable to any headset. “On the fly” processing allows any media file type to be output with virtual surround sound over headphones, giving passengers a consistent HD entertainment experience.

Meanwhile, Rockwell Collins' new Digital Media Reproducer is a form-fit-function, digital head-end replacement for videotape-based IFE systems. The plug-and-play unit offers a quick solution for updating the 1,600 in-service, first-generation PAVES IFE systems flying today without overhauling the entire system. It will be available in early 2012.

Air Routing International, which Collins acquired in 2010, has been upgraded and re-branded as Ascend Flight Information Solutions. The Houston-based unit's suite of services include flight planning, cabin and maintenance services, as well as Collins' Airshow Network, personalized moving maps, Tailwind satellite TV and content subscription management.