Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, the new chief of the U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency, says the aerospace industry can help him with automation and visual displays for greater agility in cyberwarfare. And after get-acquainted visits to the U.K., Germany, Afghanistan and Israel, he concedes the NSA has some fence-mending to do. Revelations from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden “caused quite a stir” in Germany, where outrage is still running high over NSA monitoring of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone. Rogers vows not to “duck my head or hide” from privacy issues raised in the U.S. by Snowden’s disclosures. “I tell our workforce, ‘Don’t ever forget that at its heart this thing we call the United States of America was founded on the fundamental premise that the rights of the individual should never be abused by a government.’”