OSHKOSH, Wis. – Garmin International is rolling out new wireless capabilities for its GTN 750/650 certified touchscreen avionics, along with its G3X line for experimental aircraft.

The capabilities are among a suite of the company’s latest advancements that it was unveiling to attendees at AirVenture here.

Garmin’s Flight Stream 210 and 110 will enable wireless connectivity between the avionics panels and Garmin Pilot on iPad/iPhone and certain Android mobile devices. The Flight Stream 110, priced at $549, shares Garmin weather, traffic, GPS information, Sirius XM Aviation weather and satellite radio from tablet/mobile devices. Flight Stream 210, priced at just less than $1,000, further adds two-way flight plan transfer and attitude information.

Garmin says the Flight Stream 210 technology can "transform" flight planning. Jim Alpiser, director of aviation aftermarket sales for Garmin, notes that pilots can check weather and other conditions first thing in the morning through Garmin Pilot on their mobile devices and make changes accordingly to the flight plan. Those changes will then transfer to the GTN 750/650 cockpit. Conversely, flight plans that are manually changed inflight will automatically be sent from the avionics to the Garmin Pilot, keeping the plans synchronized.

Both Flight Stream 110 and 210 also transfer a range of ADS-B traffic, weather and other information – all part of Garmin’s expanded "Connext" line. Flight Stream 110 transfers flight plan information via Bluetooth to the G3 Touch system as well.

Alpiser notes that the GT3X line has built-in capabilities to accept Garmin Connext information, saying these upgrades "were planned from day one" for the experimental aircraft line.

The wireless capability is a key feature of a new major update that Garmin has developed for the GTN 750/650 line. The is the fifth major update to the touchscreen avionics since their introduction three years ago.

The update further includes Garmin’s WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology that has a database of obstacles and power lines. Alpiser notes that this technology is typically viewed as important for helicopters, but is also critical information for fixed-wing operators.

Garmin has also simplified database updates for the GTN, enabling the update of the databases through one database card rather than having to update each database individually. Other aspects of the latest Garmin update include a new "FastFind" feature that automatically searches for the nearest waypoint. Other improvements include simplified frequency entry and customizable checklists.

As for the G3X line, Garmin is adding a 7-in. touchscreen display option for experimental and light-sport aircraft, complementing the company’s 10.6-in. G3X Touch system.

"Team X, our dedicated experimental avionics team, continues to push the envelope," says Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation sales and marketing. Noting that "customization and flexibility are key when designing an aircraft panel," Wolf says the 7-in. G3X Touch can be tailored for the needs of different homebuilt panels.