Aviation facility of the future in view now with virtual reality experience

BRPH bringing gaming experience into architecture/engineering platform

(MELBOURNE, FLORIDA)  There’s a new way to experience an aviation manufacturing facility and it has nothing to do with physically stepping foot inside one. 

BRPH, an international architecture and engineering firm, is bringing the largest aviation companies in the world a new way to conceptualize, view and plan their facilities of the future. Through the useof an Oculus Rift DK2 stereoscopic virtual reality headset, company officials can navigate through a facility while looking in any direction they choose via the headset’s head tracking ability. 

The technology behind the wow factor starts in the 3D world. Since BRPH designs in 3D, the next logical step was to view our designs in 3D. Using Oculus Rift, we ported the project geometry, via Autodesk’s Maya, into the Unity game engine. This process created a realistic real-time visualization that allows the viewer to see all areas of a future factory. 

This integration means clients get to visualize, and feel like they are actually inside their new facility, before the design development phase of a project is even complete. 

“The totally immersive viewing experience created by the Oculus Rift headset combined with the interactive control of perspective creates a unique and memorable client experience,” said Todd Reed, graphics manager for BRPH. “We essentially took a platform that is extremely popular within the gaming community and made it work in a business sense.” 

BRPH is thought to be among the first companies to use Oculus Rift outside of the gaming industry. The system is currently being shared with major aviation clients and at targeted tradeshows throughout the United States. 

BRPH has designed facilities for all for all five of the world’s largest aviation, aerospace, and defense companies including Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon, and others. 



BRPH is an architectural and engineering firm with all of its services in-house. More than simply designers, we solve engineering and architectural challenges. Our team has designed projects for a full spectrum of industries—from multi-million dollar launch pads to over a million square foot manufacturing facilities, and everything in between. Think of something so unique, so extraordinary, something never tried anywhere before in the world. This is where BRPH thrives. BRPH.com

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