William Garvey

William Garvey
Business & Commercial Aviation

Bill has been Editor-in-Chief of Business & Commercial Aviation since 2000. During his stewardship at Business & Commercial Aviation, the monthly magazine has received dozens of awards for editorial excellence.

He is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award from the National Business Aviation Association; the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Aerospace Media Awards; the Aviation Journalism Award from the National Air Transportation Association; and an Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award for Business Aviation. 

Previously, Bill served as Managing Editor of Aviation Week Television. He was the top editor for both Flying and Professional Pilot magazines, as well as a member of the senior editorial staff at Reader's Digest. He also managed communications for FlightSafety International. 

Bill has authored or co-authored three aviation books, was an essayist for National Public Radio, wrote aviation documentaries for The Discovery Channel, and has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, Smithsonian Air & Space, Popular Mechanics and The Associated Press, among others. 

An active aviator, Bill holds a Commercial Pilot license, along with multiengine, instrument, seaplane and glider ratings.

Fast Five: Rob Williams, Executive Director of Triple Tree Aerodrome
William Garvey interviews Rob Williams to discuss the mission of the Triple Tree Aerodrome to ignite and expand passion for aviation.
Recruiter Barden Says Pilot Shortage Is Real And Worrisome Long-Term  1
The draw by the airlines offering high compensation and predictable schedules is being countered with salary boosts for veteran crewmembers
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National Air Transportation Association president Gary Dempsey discusses the aviation technician shortage and illegal charter enforcement.
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It was politics the old-fashioned way — personal, respectful and solicitous.
Questions For Triple Tree Aerodrome's Robb Williams 
A former airline pilot and school teacher, Robb Williams was executive director of the Aerospace Center of Excellence in Lakeland, Florida.
Jet-A And Avgas Per-Gallon Fuel Prices: November 2018 
The tables show Jet-A and avgas prices from a survey of U.S. fuel suppliers conducted in November 2018.
Bombardier To Sell Q400 And Training Programs And Cut 5,000 Jobs
Bombardier surprised many last month when it announced it was shedding the Q400 regional turboprop program, the last of its de Havilland products.
FAA Refers Illegal Charter Case To U.S. Attorney’s Office
The FAA in October reportedly referred an enforcement action case involving alleged illegal charter activity to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
Aerion Launches Preliminary Design Phase For AS2 Trijet
Aerion launches preliminary design of its 12-seat, Mach 1.4 AS2 business trijet and says it hopes to develop bigger and faster follow-ons.
Diamond Aircraft Flies First Multiengine Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
Diamond Aircraft Industries has flown the first multiengine hybrid-electric aircraft, a demonstrator developed with electric motor supplier Siemens.
Qatar Airways To Expand Business Jet Charter Fleet
Qatar Airways plans to grow its business jet charter fleet to 35 aircraft from 14 and replace its seven Bombardier Global 5000s and 6000s with Gulfstream G500s.
Icon Aircraft Names New President And COO
Icon Aircraft says CEO and founder Kirk Hawkins is “stepping back” from his leadership role.
Vanuatu Awards Contracts For Vaccine Delivery By Drone 
Two companies have won contracts to test the feasibility of delivering vaccines by drone to remote islands in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.
Safran Plans Silvercrest Compressor Testing In June 2019
The Cessna Citation Hemisphere engine program is progressing toward testing a new axial high-pressure compressor in June 2019.
Egan Airships Looks For Plimp Airship Buyers
Early prospective customers are being sought for a hybrid passenger airship that the developers claim will offer unprecedented safety.
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