Richard D. Fisher, Jr.

Richard D. Fisher, Jr.
China’s Electromagnetic Weapon Surge 
After fitting a railgun to the bow of a ship, the People’s Liberation Army is pointing to an apparent slowdown in development by the U.S.
China Plans Giant Constellations of Tiny Satellites 
Private industry teams up with the military to launch more than 700 high-resolution imaging satellites by 2022.
China Commits To Becoming Global Power  13
President Xi’s ambitious goal may become more tangible in 2018, as Chinese UAVs patrol the Pacific and J-20 fighter production picks up.
China’s Defense Spending Is Paying Off  2
Despite slower budget growth in 2016, new fighter jets, UAVs and missiles are likely to begin operations in 2017.
China’s Defense Structure To Shed Personnel, Set Up Theater Commands  3
Reported reforms could include slashing army troop levels by 300,000 but a great increase in the PLA’s ability to project power abroad.
China Fine-tunes Offensive Strike Capabilities 
People’s Liberation Army creates a potent—if untested—tactical and strategic fire attack system.
China And Russia To Grow Their Surface Ships 
China and Russia are looking at more displacement and power in their next-generation surface combatants.
China’s Rising Defense Budgets Stoke Regional Concerns 5
China regularly cites rising personnel and training costs as the reason for its growing defense budget; the buildup of a professional noncommissioned officer corps is a visible sign of such cost pressures. However, the country is investing in a broad program of advanced weapons development as it ratchets up military activities, in its “near abroad” and globally.
China Unveils Third ‘Russian’ Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile 
Images of its display from the upcoming Zhuhai air show demonstrate an uncanny resemblance to another famous supersonic ASCM, the Mach 2.8-3.0 Russian-Indian BrahMos. Both share the distinctive cone-inlet air intake, a two-stage structure and similar dimensions.
China To Showcase New Defense Equipment At Zhuhai  3
The 10th Zhuhai air show sees China emerging as a one-stop military aerospace provider, from surveillance satellites to 50-kg small-diameter precision-guided munitions.
China Deploys A Mechanized ‘Peace Mission’  1

At 7,000 troops, the Peace Mission 2014 military exercise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was not large militarily. But its geopolitical importance was considerable: It was the biggest exercise to date for a budding anti-democratic alliance that includes two nuclear powers and could soon gain three more. 

Diverse Systems Emerge Against Missile Threat 

Ballistic missiles have often been a threat with a bigger bark than bite, mostly due to poor accuracy that renders them militarily ineffective unless armed with mass-destruction warheads. But, as reported last month (AW&ST Feb. 17, p. DT3), Israeli missile-defense expert Uzi Rubin expects a rapid proliferation of higher-precision weapons before 2020.

China Unveils Second Stealth Fighter
Images reveal big differences from J-20
China Seeks UAV Capability

China was until the late 1990s content to follow Western unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developments and keep pace by copying or purchasing foreign technology. But when the People's Liberation Army (PLA) launched a modernization program in the late 1990s to prepare for possible conflict over Taiwan, development of unmanned systems became a priority. The result has been phenomenal growth in the UAV sector, which engages aircraft, helicopter, cruise missile and model aircraft companies, private concerns and university research centers.

USAF, Navy AirSea Battle Concept Focuses On China 1

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says it has the “potential to do for America’s military deterrent power . . . what AirLand Battle did” in the 20th century.

The chief of naval operations sees it as paradigm-shifting. “I don’t want to be over the top,” Navy Adm. Gary Roughhead said at an Aviation Week conference in February, “but it’s pretty ground-breaking.”

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