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Based in the UK, Rupa leads the Aviation Week Network's audience engagement and digital content strategy.

Since joining in 2010, Rupa has helped usher Aviation Week into a more mobile, social and digitally interactive era. She leads a team that has twice been awarded the Aerospace Media Award for Best Integrated Social/Digital Media and achieved finalist status for the 2016 and 2014 Jesse H. Neal Business Journalism Awards in the Best Use of Social Media category. She was also part of a team responsible for the digital development of Aviation Week's Paris Air Show app, which won the 2011 B2B Magazine social media awards. 

Prior to joining the Aviation Week Network she led multi-stakeholder communications at London City Airport. 

Readers' Choice: Best Aviation Week Covers Of All Time 
We reveal what you deem to be the top five Aviation Week covers of all time in defense, space, commercial aviation and business aviation.
Defense Aircraft Pilot Reports - From The Archives
Over the past few decades, Aviation Week pilots have strapped into numerous fighter jets, trainers and helicopters, and provided readers with detailed accounts of aircraft handling abilities.
Podcast: What's Hot in Singapore
On the sidelines of this week's air show, Aviation Week editors discuss whether Airbus really has the edge over Boeing it claims, and what defense hardware is in high demand in the Asia Pacific region.
Commercial Jet Airplane Pilot Reports - From The Archives 4
Over the past few decades, Aviation Week pilots have strapped into the left seat of almost every Western-built commercial jet transport. Aviation Week's digital archives went live earlier this month, allowing us to delve into in-depth pilot reports of some of the first jet and most recent airliners to be built. Take a look at our top picks.
Podcast: New Aircraft and Supersonic Orders Highlight NBAA
Textron Aviation introduces two new airplanes and Flexjet's surprise order for 20 supersonic jets from Aerion highlight a busy and upbeat show.
Podcast: Shrugging Off A Quiet Dubai For Orders
The last Dubai Airshow saw record-breaking orders for commercial airliners. Not so this year, but our onsite editors say that’s not necessarily something to worry about. They explain why in this report from the show.
Watch: Jetman Formation Flight With The World's Largest Airliner 8
Emirates Airline and Jetman Dubai pushed the boundaries over the skies of Dubai in an incredible choreographed flight.
U.K. Believes Bomb May Have Caused Metrojet Crash  8
The U.K. government has halted all flights to and from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt over concerns Metrojet Flight 9268 may have been brought down by a bomb.
Watch An Unmanned Aerial System Avoid Obstacles At 30mph 1
A student at MIT’s CSAIL, has developed an obstacle detection system that allows UAS to build a map of its surroundings in real-time.
Watch The First F-35A Aerial Gun Test 6
This F-35A completed the first three airborne gunfire bursts from its internal four-barrel 25mm Gatling gun system embedded in the left wing of the aircraft.
Celebrities That Played A Role In Founding Aviation Week 2
A 1926 letter from the magazine's founder describes the ‘aeronautical celebrities’ who played an important part in the founding of Aviation Week in 1916.
Eight Years In Service: Who Flies The Airbus A380 23
Although its first revenue flight occurred almost a decade later than originally planned, 171 A380s are in service today.
Commercial Aviation Linchpins Over The Last Century 4
The ideas, bravado and vision of a long list of aviation pioneers have played a key role in the advancement of today’s airline industry.
What's New On BA's Boeing 787-9 First 21
BA has utilized the additional 20ft on its 787-9s to add a First cabin at the front of the aircraft. Aviation Week was invited to test the new First product – in seat 2K - during the 10-hour flight from London Heathrow to Austin.
Lawmakers Ask For Assessment Of Restarting F-22 Production
April 22, 2016

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Aviation Week 59th Annual Laureate Awards
March 19, 2016

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Tupolev 104: Harsh Proof Of Rapid Soviet Progress (1956)
February 2, 2016

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A380s May Be On ANA’s Shopping List
January 13, 2016

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South Korea Contracts KAI For KF-X Development
January 6, 2016

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