Richard Aboulafia

Richard Aboulafia

Contributing columnist Richard Aboulafia is vice president of analysis at Teal Group. He is based in Washington.

Opinion: Endgame For The A380?  178
The aircraft’s future will be determined by Emirates, not Airbus.
Opinion: Could U.S. Trade Rulings Put Chill On Aircraft Financing?  45
Decades of progress toward free trade in jetliners could be undone in a few years. And Boeing could end up losing a lot in the end.
Podcast: Protectionist Threat to Aviation? 16
What are the ramifications of trade complaints by Boeing and U.S. airlines? Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia joins Aviation Week and ATW editors to discuss.
Opinion: Have Jetliners Escaped The Boom-Bust Cycle?  15
Has the commercial aviation industry finally vanquished the cycle? Even thinking such a thing sounds hubristic, but it is difficult to argue with the numbers.
Opinion: Why Sino-Russian Widebody Project Is Not Another Airbus  82
The story of Russia’s sole twin-aisle family, and the history of Russia’s previous aviation joint ventures, serve as a cautionary tale for this project.
Opinion: Halftime Of 20-Year Outlook, Market Prefers Smaller Jets  34
The lessons from the halftime of Boeing's 20-year CMO assessment are simple: the market prefers smaller jets and hates very large jets.
Opinion: Why Things Are Looking Up For Boeing Military Aircraft  54
Improved export and U.S. orders, the T-X competition and a bridge to future fighter aircraft programs have put the Boeing unit in a better position.
Opinion: Boeing’s Twin-Aisle Midsize Jet Faces Big Challenges  100
The drumbeat for a new Boeing midsize jetliner is growing louder. But beyond the idea of a new aircraft, things get complicated. The 797’s twin-aisle configuration is the big issue.
Opinion: T-X Is Lockheed’s To Lose, And Boeing’s To Win  75
For the Lockheed/Korea Aerospace Industries team, the advantage is in not having to bury any serious development costs in the bid price.
Opinion: The End Of The Airbus-Boeing Supercycle  19
Airbus and Boeing guidance, until recently, indicated that they expect a 17-year supercycle, but the end came after 12 as the world economy slows.
'Remarkable' Boom Comes To An End 
After a remarkable 12-year boom, world aircraft industry output growth sputtered to a halt in 2016.
Opinion: Trump’s Risks And Rewards For Boeing  41
Like much of the business world, Boeing is waiting to see how Trump’s trade policies will affect its exports.
Opinion: Plunging Twin-Aisle Orders Spell Future Trouble  4
The world has a sudden twin-aisle overcapacity problem: Orders have fallen precipitously, and the number of parked twin-aisles is rising.
Opinion: Why Low Oil Prices Are Bad For Business Aircraft  37
Business jet demand was once linked to a wide array of economic indicators, especially equities markets and corporate profits. Since 2008, these links have broken down.
Opinion: Close Air Support Debate Needs Strategic Context  168
Critics of counterinsurgency say it represents the triumph of tactics over strategy. Looking at the Air Force’s mooted OA-X and A-X2 procurement programs, and the A-10 retirement debate, one can see exactly the same issues in play.
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