Pat Toensmeier

Pat Toensmeier
Darpa Developing Better Management Of Electromagnetic Spectrum  1
A new high-speed digital converter increases the amount of analog data that can be digitized for computer analysis.
USAF Researches ID Techniques Using Skin Filters 
A prototype camera captures features of an individual’s skin for accurate surveillance or search and rescue.
Goal: More UAS Missions, Different Platforms, One Operator 
U.S. Army wants to install a universal control interface on UAS so operators can pilot more than one model.
Gastro Sensor May Help Silence Submarines 
A fiber-optic sensor developed for internal medicine could yield vibration-damping data in submarines.
Inflatable Links Ground Forces to ComSats 
Portability, ease-of-use and reliable links factor into Marine Corps decision to procure inflatable satcom terminal.
Lightweight Fire Control Improves Target Accuracy for Grenadiers 
Rheinmetall’s new sight for 40-mm grenade launchers offers a high-tech approach to target acquisition.
Shoot ‘n’ Scoot Weapon Portable, Accurate, Deadly  1
Australia’s new 40-mm grenade launcher is lightweight and accurate, making mobile fires easy and lethal.
ONR Steps Up Cybersecurity Efforts 
Fearing cyberattacks that could disable essential systems, U.S. Office of Naval Research is developing a technique to protect onboard computers from being hacked.
High-Speed Ball Bearing Has Multiple Advantages 
A new ball-bearing for turbofan engines operates at speeds that require less oil than conventional bearings, reduces fuel use and cuts power loss.
Countering Evolving UAS Threats 
U.S. Army elite engineering division pursues a gun-based technology to defeat UAS, along with conventional C-RAM threats and piloted aircraft.
Industry Giants Lose Joint Light Tactical Vehicle 
The Oshkosh Corp. was awarded the U.S. Army/Marines Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) contract, besting Lockheed Martin and AM General.
Addressing Energy Consumption of Electronic Systems 
Plasan of Israel’s V-Box, an advanced vetronic system, regulates power flow to electronic subsystems on control vehicles.
Wave Off The Bow  1
U.S. Navy seeking ways to redesign speedboats to reduce wave slam, improve performance.
Shape Of Things To Come For UUVs 
Icefin, an unmanned underwater vehicle developed for NASA, could have defense applications as well.
Interchangeable Controls Guide Army’s Weapons Plan  1
By implementing common interfaces, software and hardware, the U.S. Army anticipates considerable savings in development time, testing, procurement, training and, ultimately, deployment.
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