Maxim Pyadushkin

Maxim Pyadushkin
Russia Correspondent,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Maxim holds a key position at AW&ST’s Russian partner – Air Transport Observer magazine ( In the past he was in charge of several ATO’s sister aerospace publications and earlier worked for Moscow-based CAST defense think-tank.
Maxim has a degree on international relations from MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, and for several years worked at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Craic Fixes Main CR929 Dimensions 
Sino-Russian consortium Craic has fixed the main dimensional details of its CR929 widebody aircraft, having revised them from figures given to Aviation Daily in May.
Ilyushin Confirms Preliminary Design Of Il-276 Medium Lifter 
The Russian military aims to gradually renew the entire range of its airlift capabilities, and its medium lifter has taken one step forward in development.
Saratov Airlines Grounded Four Months After An-148 Crash 
Russian authorities have grounded Saratov Airlines, just under four months after the fatal Antonov An-148 crash involving the carrier based in Saratov in the Volga region.
CR929’s Width Sized For Nine Abreast Seating 
Designers of the Sino-Russian Craic CR929 widebody airliner have retained a fuselage width sized for nine-abreast seating, even as other dimensions have changed during early development.
Kazakhstan Orders More Sukhoi Su-30SM Fighters 
Kazakhstan is gradually expanding its fleet of Russian-made Sukhoi Su-30SM multirole fighters.
European Traffic Grows for Russia’s Largest FBO
Russia’s business aviation is moving out of stagnation, confirms the country’s largest FBO, Vnukovo-3.
European Traffic Grows for Russia’s Largest FBO
Russia’s business aviation is moving out of stagnation, confirms the country’s largest FBO, Vnukovo-3.
Craic CR929 Now Larger Than Airbus A330  9
Dimensions show that the CR929 will have a bigger cabin than the A330-900. It is now almost as long and is wide enough for nine-abreast seating.
Second Irkut MC-21 Takes To The Air 
A year after Russia’s MC-21-300 narrowbody airliner took to the air for the first time, the second prototype has joined the flight testing program.
Sukhoi, With Fresh Subsidy, Plans 75-Seat Superjet 
Russia’s Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) program will get another insertion of Russian government money aimed at increasing the regional aircraft’s sales and jump-starting the development of a second SSJ variant.
Narrowbody Aircraft Market Is Busier Than Ever  1
Airbus and Boeing ramp up production and roll out new models as new competitors undergo flight testing.
Volga-Dnepr Leaving NATO Salis Airlift Program 
Russian cargo airline group Volga-Dnepr is withdrawing from NATO's Strategic Air Lift International Solution (Salis) at the end of 2018.
Russia’s Largest FBO Prepares for World Cup
Vnukovo-3, the only Russian FBO exhibiting at ABACE, is preparing for peak hours during this summer when Russia will host the FIFA 2018 World Cup.
Russian Navy Left Without Aircraft Carrier Until 2021 
The Admiral Kuznetzov carrier will return to service in 2021 after extensive repairs, the Russian defense ministry reported April 13, quoting Deputy Minister Yury Borisov.
Russian Military To Buy More Il-112V transports 
The Russian military is ready to buy additional Ilyushin Il-112V light transport aircraft, despite delays with its development.
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