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Mark Carreau
Space Contributor,
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Mark is based in Houston, where he has written on aerospace for more than 25 years. While at the Houston Chronicle, he was recognized by the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation in 2006 for his professional contributions to the public understanding of America's space program through news reporting. He has written on U. S. space policy as well as NASA's human and space science initiatives.
Mark was recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and Headliners Foundation as well as the Chronicle in 2004 for news coverage of the shuttle Columbia tragedy and its aftermath.
He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and holds a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University.

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Sets Solar Power Distance Mark 
NASA’s Juno mission spacecraft, on course to maneuver into orbit around Jupiter on July 4, has become the most distant solar-powered spacecraft ever, according to an update from the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Spacewalkers To Tackle Space Station Power System Repair 
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are planning a Jan. 15 spacewalk to restore the outpost’s solar power generation to full capacity and further efforts to establish a pair of docking ports for use by future U.S. commercial astronaut transportation providers Boeing and SpaceX.
Research Links Genetics, Nutrition To Space Vision Problems 
NASA researchers report genetic and nutritional links to the vision changes experienced by astronauts assigned to live and work aboard the International Space Station.
U.S. Aerospace Science, Tech Must Prepare For Change, Experts Say 
The U.S. aerospace science and technology community must be prepared for change in a year of political transition, threats from abroad and domestic economic challenges.
NASA Urged To Consider Spacesuit Alternatives 
NASA should take a deep look at the activities expected of astronauts launched on future missions to the lunar environs, near Earth asteroids and Mars to better address their spacesuit needs, a panel of experts says.
U.S. Aerospace Science, Tech Seen Facing Change 
The U.S. aerospace science and technology community must be prepared for change in a year of political transition, threats from abroad and domestic economic challenge, experts say.
Plutonium-238 Production Restored For Deep Space Missions 
The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has restored a domestic plutonium-238 production capability for future NASA deep space missions.
NASA Touts Tech Transfer 
NASA characterizes tech transfer as one of its longest-running missions and touts the claim in the just-published 2016 edition of the agency’s annual Spinoff publication.
Cassini Spacecraft Makes Final Close Encounter with Enceladus 
The Dec. 19 flyby was the last in a series of 22 close encounters between Cassini and Enceladus that have revealed a small, ice-covered, geologically active world with a global ocean.
Russia’s Upgraded Progress Docks With ISS 
Russia’s upgraded MS-1 Progress resupply capsule carried out an automated docking with the International Space Station early Dec. 23, delivering 5.8 tons of propellant, crew supplies, spare parts and research hardware.
Seismometer Issues Jeopardize NASA’s Mars InSight 
NASA has scuttled plans for a March 2016 launch of the multinational Mars InSight lander because of an inability to resolve a small vacuum leak in a key European instrument.
Japan Joins U.S., Russia, Canada In Plans To Extend ISS Operations 
Japan will join NASA and the space agencies of Russia and Canada in extending operations of the International Space Station from 2020 to 2024.
ISS Spacewalkers Unjam Mobile Transporter Rail Car 
Two U.S. astronauts, working against the clock, hustled through a 3 1/2-hr. spacewalk on Dec. 21 to unjam the International Space Station’s unlatched 1-ton Mobile Transporter rail car.
Spacewalk Considered To Secure Stalled ISS Equipment Transporter 
The NASA-led International Space Station’s Mission Management Team is preparing for a possible unplanned spacewalk on Dec. 21 or 22 to move and secure the space station’s mobile transporter.
Curiosity Rover Makes Surprise Silicon Find On Mars 
NASA’s Curiosity rover is finding puzzling clues of a changing environment on ancient Mars as the robotic geologist travels up the base of Mount Sharp.
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