Mark Carreau

Mark Carreau
Space Contributor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Mark is based in Houston, where he has written on aerospace for more than 25 years. While at the Houston Chronicle, he was recognized by the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation in 2006 for his professional contributions to the public understanding of America's space program through news reporting. He has written on U. S. space policy as well as NASA's human and space science initiatives.
Mark was recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and Headliners Foundation as well as the Chronicle in 2004 for news coverage of the shuttle Columbia tragedy and its aftermath.
He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and holds a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University.

Orbital Cygnus Capsule Departs Space Station 
Controllers will oversee the third in a series of NASA-developed fire in space experiments intended to help prevent, detect and suppress combustion aboard future spacecraft.
Three To Staff ISS After Russian, European Return To Earth 
A reduced but mostly veteran three-person U.S. and Russian crew prepared to handle operations aboard the International Space Station until late July, following the scheduled early June 2 return to Earth of cosmonaut Oleg Noviskiy and European astronaut Thomas Pesquet.
SpaceX Dragon To Deliver Far-Reaching Research To Space Station  1
Pulsars could become nature’s gift to spacecraft and perhaps future human explorers navigating the deepest reaches of the Solar System.
Bigelow Module Marks One Year On Space Station 
Bigelow Aerospace’s bedroom-sized, experimental expandable habitat module crossed the midpoint of its planned two-year stay aboard the International Space Station over the Memorial Day weekend.
NanoRacks Logs 34 Space Station CubeSat Launches In May 
NanoRacks LLC has stepped into the homestretch of an intense International Space Station CubeSat deployment session.
NASA Accelerates Psyche Mission Launch 
NASA is moving up the planned launch date of its Psyche asteroid mission from October 2023 to summer 2022.
NASA’s Mars Goal Pays Dividends In Texas 
NASA’s ambitions of reaching Mars with human explorers continue to pay dividends for Johnson Space Center, the highest funded of the agency’s 10 field centers.
Budget Questions Hang Over NASA’s Europa Lander  13
Despite doubts about funding for a multibillion dollar lander to seek evidence of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, NASA is telling those interested in providing instruments for the mission not to lose hope.
NASA Plans Urgent Space Station Spacewalk 
Two NASA astronauts are scheduled for a spacewalk outside the International Space Station to replace a failed Multiplexer Demultiplexer.
NASA IG Blames Poor Planning For SLS Test Stand Cost Growth 
NASA invested nearly twice the original $40.5 million estimate for the construction of core stage liquid oxygen and hydrogen propellant tank test stands for the Space Launch System, a NASA IG audit says.
Mars Journey Likely To Test Human Risk Limits  45
As NASA charts a course to Mars for human explorers with ever more capable hardware and software systems, policymakers, mission managers and those who launch face some tough ethical issues.
JAXA To Allocate Asteroid Pieces For Analysis 
Japan’s Institute of Space and Astronautical Science and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency are accepting proposals from the international scientific community for analysis of tiny samples of the asteroid Itokawa.
Airlock Issue Shortens U.S. Spacewalk 
An airlock problem forced NASA to ease off plans for a crammed six to seven hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station on May 12.
Study Finds Lower O2 Circulation In ISS Astronauts 
The changes could affect the not only the physical performance of human explorers assigned to deep-space missions, but also their performance upon returning to Earth, including responding to possible landing emergencies.
Search For Extraterrestrial Life May Include Gene Trace 
Technologies, capabilities and knowledge increasingly appear to be coming together in ways that experts believe could address the question of whether life emerged elsewhere than on Earth.
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