Mark Carreau

Mark Carreau
Space Contributor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Mark is based in Houston, where he has written on aerospace for more than 25 years. While at the Houston Chronicle, he was recognized by the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation in 2006 for his professional contributions to the public understanding of America's space program through news reporting. He has written on U. S. space policy as well as NASA's human and space science initiatives.
Mark was recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and Headliners Foundation as well as the Chronicle in 2004 for news coverage of the shuttle Columbia tragedy and its aftermath.
He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and holds a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University.

NASA’s Maven Measures Mars Atmosphere Loss 
Scientists assigned to NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN, spacecraft have quantified the red planet’s loss of atmosphere to the forces of the solar wind and radiation.
Spacewalk Tees Up Second Commercial Crew Docking Port 
Two NASA astronauts finished configuration of the Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 outside the ISS’s U.S. segment Node-2 Harmony module during a spacewalk.
NASA’s Juno, Osiris-Rex Achieve Milestones 
Two solar-powered NASA planetary mission spacecraft have achieved recent deep-space milestones.
Robotics Assist Second ISS Commercial Docking Port Work 
NASA’s Mission Control remotely commanded the International Space Station’s Canadian robot arm to move Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 from the Node 3 Tranquility module to the Node 2 Harmony module on March 26.
ISS Crew Preps Commercial Crew Docking Hardware 
Spacewalking astronauts advanced efforts to equip the International Space Station (ISS) with a second U.S. segment commercial crew docking port on March 24.
Orbital ATK Space Station Launch Reassessed 
Liftoff had been planned for no earlier than March 27 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
Spacewalks To Advance Space Station Commercial Crew Dockings 
NASA is prepped to lay the groundwork for the installation of the second of two U.S. International Space Station commercial docking ports with a series of spacewalks.
Aging Facilities, Workforce Draining NASA Resources, IG Says 
NASA has been slow to effectively match an aging, far-flung infrastructure and workforce with its future mission needs, the agency’s Inspector General says.
NASA Pressing Ahead With Planetary Defense Plans 
The past four months have been a challenge for NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO).
Space Station Cargo Mission Launch Moves To March 27 
The planned launching of Orbital ATK’s seventh NASA-contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station has moved from March 24 to no earlier than March 27.
Scientists Address Europa Lander Challenges 
Planetary scientists gathered March 19 for a "town hall” to discuss the proposed science objectives of a NASA-led robotic lander mission to search for life on the Jupiter moon Europa.
Dragon Returns To Earth With Pacific Ocean Splashdown 
SpaceX's 10th NASA-contracted International Space Station Dragon resupply capsule re-entered the Earth's atmosphere on March 19, descending by parachute to a Pacific Ocean splashdown and recovery.
ISS To Pit General Relativity Against Quantum Mechanics 
A five-year development effort led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory could soon produce one of the coldest places in the known universe, a man-made high-tech lab aboard the U.S. segment of the International Space Station.
Landing Strategy A Priority For Human Mars Exploration 
The Martian surface is within reach of human explorers by the early to mid-2030s, and Martian orbit by 2026-28, provided funding is made available and some key technology decisions are reached soon, a panel says.
Orbital Space Station Resupply Mission Delayed 
NASA, Orbital ATK and United Launch Alliance have slipped the launch of Orbital’s seventh NASA-contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station by three days to March 24, with the possibility of a one-day advance.
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