Mark Carreau

Mark Carreau
Space Contributor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Mark is based in Houston, where he has written on aerospace for more than 25 years. While at the Houston Chronicle, he was recognized by the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation in 2006 for his professional contributions to the public understanding of America's space program through news reporting. He has written on U. S. space policy as well as NASA's human and space science initiatives.
Mark was recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and Headliners Foundation as well as the Chronicle in 2004 for news coverage of the shuttle Columbia tragedy and its aftermath.
He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and holds a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University.

Spacecraft Launched To Sample Sun’s Corona 
The Parker Solar Probe will study the Sun’s outer atmosphere, the genesis of the solar wind and its far-reaching magnetic field.
New ISS Russian/German Sensor To Monitor Animal Migration 
Two spacewalking cosmonauts trekked through a planned 6 to 7 hr. of science and technology activities outside the International Space Station on Aug. 15.
Aeolus To Pioneer Low-Altitude Wind Profiling From Orbit 
The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Aeolus satellite mission promises to become the first to provide low-altitude Earth wind profile data on a global scale.
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Lifts Off 1
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launched early Aug. 12 to begin a $1.6 billion, seven-year mission to study our nearest star in greater detail than ever before.
Parker Solar Probe Launch Delayed 
The launch of NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has been tentatively reset for early Aug. 12, following a scrub late in the initial countdown in response to several issues.
NASA’s Speedy Parker Probe To 'Touch' Sun 
NASA’s $1.6 billion, seven-year Parker Solar Probe mission was developed for the closest-ever reconnaissance of the Sun.
13 Firms To Offer Advice On Comm Low Earth Orbit Future 
NASA has enlisted 13 companies, under agreements totaling an estimated $11 million, for advice on growing a U.S. industrial presence in low Earth orbit.
NASA Invests $44.4 million In Deep Space Tech 
NASA has selected six U.S.-led enterprises to advance the development of 10 promising new space technologies on three broad fronts.
Panel Urges New Small, Medium NASA Planetary Missions 
A National Academies assessment of NASA’s Planetary Science Program urges the space agency to pick up the pace of small and medium-priced missions.
New Horizons Team Observes Ultima Thule Occultation 
Astronomers have gathered occultation observations of the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69, the target destination for a flyby by the New Horizons spacecraft.
NASA Announces Commercial Crew Astronauts 
Five veteran and three first-time NASA astronauts have been named to lift off on four history-making U.S. spaceflights that will end the long hiatus in the nation’s ability to launch astronauts on its own vehicles.
SpaceX Dragon ISS Cargo Mission Splashes Down 
SpaceX recovery vessels gathered in the Pacific Ocean off Baja, California, late Aug. 3 to recover the company’s 15th Dragon cargo vessel.
Bridenstine: No More U.S. Human Spaceflight Gaps 
NASA will prioritize avoiding another gap in U.S. human spaceflight activity over ending ISS support on a certain date, the agency's administrator says.
Power Boost Coming For Small Sats  1
A new robotic device from Made in Space, Inc. could robotically assemble an efficient spacecraft solar array in orbit after a spacecraft is deployed, the company says.
Northrop ISS Resupply Mission Ends 
Northrop Grumman’s ninth NASA-contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station ended as planned late July 30.
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