Mark Carreau

Mark Carreau
ISS Commander Steve Swanson to ‘Run’ Colorado Relay 
ISS Commander Steve Swanson will run his "legs" of the relay race on a space station treadmill in response to cues coordinated from the Rockies by NASA’s Mission Control.
Cassini Survey Points To Enceladus Subsurface Sea As Geyser Origin 
Cassini, the long-running, NASA-led mission to Saturn, has detected 101 distinct geysers erupting from the south pole of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, pointing to the presence of an underground sea with open passageways to the surface.
Space Radiation Health Research Effort Planned 

HOUSTON — The NASA-funded National Space Biomedical Research Institute plans to establish a Center for Space Radiation Research to conduct a three-year, $6 million systematic study of the acute effects to humans of high-energy exposure from solar and cosmic sources during future explorations of the Moon, asteroids and Mars.

The initiative will examine the long-term, or degenerative, effects on the human cardiovascular and circulatory systems as well.

Texting Gains Deep Space Traction 
A small multinational team of astronauts is finding that texting rather than speaking by voice may be the most efficient means of overcoming time delays when communicating with Earth from a deep-space destination.
ISS Avoids Debris; Resupply Mission Lifts Off 
Just before 7 a.m., thrusters on the Russian Zvezda service module ignited for 32 sec. to initiate an ISS braking maneuver that lowered the station’s apogee by 1.1 mi. to avoid a fragment from a Russian Breeze M upper stage associated with a December 2011 satellite launch.
NASA Modifies Orion Splashdown Recovery Strategy 
NASA and the U.S. Navy plan to team up again in late July and early August in the Pacific Ocean waters off San Diego to continue the development of recovery procedures following the splashdown of the space agency’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.
Undersea Lab Hosts Deep-Space Mission Training 
A multinational team of astronauts, submerged on the Atlantic seabed off Key Largo, Florida this week, is testing drills, coring tools and other spacewalk aids as they prepare NASA and its partners for future deep-space missions.
NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory Primed For Another Decade
NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, launched 15 years ago this week, appears fit for another decade or more of observations, characterizing black holes and other high-energy cosmic phenomena from its elliptical orbit around the Earth.
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