Lee Ann Shay

Lee Ann
Chief Editor, MRO,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

As chief editor MRO, Lee Ann Shay directs Aviation Week's coverage of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), including Inside MRO.

She won the World Leadership Forum’s Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in 2009 (propulsion category) and in 2002 (maintenance category), and has been a finalist in other years. In 2017, Lee Ann won the Aerospace Media Awards' Best Future Tech submission. 

She holds a B.A. in English and political science from Luther College and an M.A. in nonfiction writing from John Hopkins University.

Nordam Files Chapter 11 Due To PW800 Contract Dispute 
The Nordam Group and its U.S. affiliates have filed for Chapter 11 protection based on a contract dispute with Pratt & Whitney Canada over the PW800 system.
Boeing: BGS Ahead of the Pace
Boeing Global Services, the MRO operation that’s now just over one year old, may well be ahead of its goal to notch US$50 billion in annual revenues in 10 years.
Survey Reveals Airlines Dissatisfied With OEM MRO Pricing, Interiors Suppliers 
An AeroDynamic/Aviation Week survey finds that airlines are not pleased with commercial aviation OEMs’ aftermarket pricing.
Getting Middle Of The Market Assets Right 
Mid-life assets and mid-size airframes are both hot topics in the aviation industry. In both cases, the market is keenly interested in the middle.
What’s Up For Boeing Global Services At Year Two? 
Boeing Global Services might be ahead of pace to get to $50 billion in revenues in the next 5-10 years.
AAR CEO David Storch’s Insights Before Retiring 
Create an atmosphere where people can be the best they can be, make a difference, make money and have fun.”
Eastern And Central European MROs Feel Wage Pressure 
MROs in the region should partner to develop more complex, one-stop-shop solutions for customers.
Blue Air Outlines Fleet-Modernization Schedule 
LJUBLJUANA, Lithuania—Romania's Blue Air operates 29 Boeing 737s, including both Classics and NGs, but is in the process of replacing its Classics with 737 Max-family versions, said Adrian Ionascu, the Romanian low-cost carrier’s director of third-party contracts.
Is The Aerospace Industry Prepared To Ward Off Hackers? 
Whether it is a hacker or careless employee who accidentally uploads a virus, aviation is vulnerable—and not as cyberprepared as it should be.
Don’t Be Complacent About Cybersecurity 
The aviation industry is a prime target for hackers—especially given that it is global, digital and interconnected. Don’t be the weak link.
Spirit Airlines Considers New Hangar, Support For New Destinations 
Ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit’s high operational tempo creates unique challenges for MRO.
Engine OEMs On Service Entry And Supply Chain Problems 
How GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce are ramping up new engine programs with a strained supply chain.
MRO Market Disruptors, Cybersecurity Problems Assessed 
Oliver Wyman’s annual MRO survey reveals what aviation executives think will be the top three market disruptors over the next five years.
Why Not Connect Dots In Aviation Aftermarket? 
Finding connections across disparate data sets will be the key to realizing value from big data for MRO.
Internet Of Things For Aviation Gets Real 
Fusing big data, broadband and analytics, evolving technologies helping Internet of Things transform MRO.
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