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Lee Ann
Chief Editor, MRO,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

As chief editor MRO, Lee Ann Shay directs Aviation Week's coverage of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), including Inside MRO.

She won the World Leadership Forum’s Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in 2009 (propulsion category) and in 2002 (maintenance category), and has been a finalist in other years. In 2017, Lee Ann won the Aerospace Media Awards' Best Future Tech submission. 

She holds a B.A. in English and political science from Luther College and an M.A. in nonfiction writing from Johns Hopkins University.

2019 Starts With Ups and Downs For MRO 
Monarch Aircraft Engineering sold its line maintenance business and is closing, while Eagle Services Asia announced induction of its first geared turbofan as part of a big ramp-up.
Avianca Seeks Expansion In Columbia Through Star Alliance 
Interview with Miguel Montoya, senior vice president of engineering and maintenance at Avianca.
Fast 5: Norm Baker on How Airbus is Transforming Its Digital Operation
Airbus' senior vice president of digital solutions talks about how he quickly led Airbus’ digital solutions from developing products to developing capabilities—and its impact.
What Are The MRO Market Trends Going To Be in 2019?
The civil aviation MRO market is predicted to be $73 billion in 2019? Take a look at what the trends will be this coming year.
Canadian Safety Board Calls for Fatigue Regulation, Improved Safety Management Systems 
Citing a recent U.S. National Transportation Safety Board report naming pilot fatigue as a contributing factor in an Air Canada plane’s near miss of a crowded taxiway, the safety organization renewed its call for modernizing flight duty time regulations and finalizing a March 2017 proposal that would impose more stringent pilot limitations.
Why The Global MRO Outlook For 2019 Is Different 
Expect the number of new transport aircraft deliveries to steadily grow over the next decade, especially in 2019.
Top 10 MRO Market Predictions for 2019  1
Civil aviation MRO trends to monitor in 2019 as the market grows to $73 billion.
Expect Cautious Optimism Across Aviation MRO Sectors in 2019 
The MRO demand across civil, military, helicopters and business aviation will amount to $170.8 billion in 2019.
FAA Considers Organization Designation Authorization For Practical Testing 
The FAA is considering incorporating examiner functions into its Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) program.
Rolls-Royce Looks To Industrial AI For Trent Improvement 
Rolls-Royce and Uptake are about halfway through a two-month proof of concept to ascertain whether a different data-science approach will improve Trent engines’ reliability—including detecting problems before they occur.
How The MRO World Has Changed In 2018 
Looking at the most important developments in MRO worldwide during 2018.
EASA Mandates CFM Leap-1B Software Upgrade 
About a month after issuing requirements to upgrade software on CFM International Leap-1A engines, EASA has mandated similar actions for the -1B variant due to similar designs.
CFM Signs Two $1B Contracts At Bahrain International Air Show 
CFM International signed two $1 billion contracts at the Bahrain International Air Show Nov. 15 involving Bahrain flag-carrier Gulf Air and Dammam, Saudi Arabia-based SaudiGulf Airlines.
Is The Aviation Industry Facing a Downturn? 
One person is looking for canaries in the coal mine, but most are focused on growth and the positive side.
A Chat With FedEx’s Vice President of Safety 
Bobbi Wells, vice president of safety and airworthiness at FedEx’s Air Operations, talked with Lee Ann Shay about managing regulatory and safety activities
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