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As Aviation Week’s Pentagon Editor, Lara Seligman writes about U.S. and international military aviation. Lara began her career as a military reporter covering Navy aviation and shipbuilding for Inside Defense, before moving over to cover the Air Force for Defense News. Prior to moving to the defense beat in 2013, Lara covered Congress and politics, first for National Journal and then for The Hill Newspaper. A Philadelphia native, Lara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

For Pilots Starved Of Oxygen, Cobham's Breathing Sensor Could Help  32
As the Pentagon struggles to determine what’s behind a spike in hypoxia-like cockpit incidents across several U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force fleets, Cobham believes it may have a groundbreaking new method of pinpointing the root cause.
How F-22 Is Deconflicting U.S.-Russia Operations Over Syria  118
One Raptor pilot details the crucial role the stealth fighter played in deconflicting operations in the weeks after U.S. airstrikes on Shayrat.
F-35As Still Grounded At Luke AFB After Hypoxia Reports  1
U.S. Air Force F-35As at Luke AFB, Arizona, are still temporarily grounded as a government-industry team works to find the root cause of five incidents of hypoxia-like symptoms on the new fighter in the last month.
Trump Defense Budget Gives U-2 New Lease On Life  1
Lockheed is planning a series of sensor upgrades to keep the Dragon Lady relevant through 2045.
Luke AFB Pauses F-35A Flying After Reports Of Hypoxia  1
The U.S. Air Force says flying operations at Luke AFB were canceled on June 9 “to synchronize operations and maintenance efforts toward safe flying.”
Skunk Works’ Secretive ‘Einstein Box’ Makes U-2 A Comm Link 
The U-2 reconnaissance aircraft could help solve U.S. Air Force’s battlefield communications problem.
U.S. Navy Green-Lights New And Improved Super Hornet  77
The U.S. Navy has opted to fund Boeing’s upgraded F/A-18 Super Hornet “Block III” and plans to begin fielding the capability in fiscal 2019.
USAF Projects Boeing Won’t Deliver First KC-46 Until 2018 
The U.S. Air Force now believes Boeing won’t deliver the new tanker until “late spring of 2018,” or at least six months later than expected.
With F-35’s Arrival, Stealth Returns To Paris  29
The JSF will be the first stealth aircraft to appear at Le Bourget in 22 years. What’s changed?
Bombardier Again Protests USAF’s Compass Call Plan 
Bombardier has followed Boeing in lodging a protest over the U.S. Air Force’s decision to allow L3 Technologies to choose the next EC-130H Compass Call aircraft.
U-2 Links F-35, Legacy Aircraft Using Skunk Works' Secretive 'Einstein Box'  58
Lockheed Martin’s U-2 spy plane made its debut at the Northern Edge joint training exercise last month, demonstrating a new capability nicknamed the “Einstein Box.”
Pratt Forges Ahead With F-35 Engine Upgrade Plans, Eyes Next Gen  32
The engine maker is framing its F135 upgrade effort as the first step in a long-term plan for fighter propulsion based on adaptive technology.
USAF’s $10.7B Wish List: 14 F-35s, Three KC-46s, Next-Gen Fighter 
In a $10.7 billion wish list of items submitted to Congress June 2, the U.S. Air Force is asking for 14 Lockheed Martin F-35As and three Boeing KC-46As.
U.S. Navy’s $5.3B Wish List: Super Hornets, P-8, F-35  31
The U.S. Navy is asking Congress directly to fund a boost in Super Hornet and Lockheed Martin F-35 procurement to address the strike fighter shortfall.
Missile Defense, Munitions Top $12.7B U.S. Army Wish List 
In a $12.7 billion wish list of items the U.S. Army submitted to Congress June 1, the service is asking for additional funding for missile defense systems, munitions and rotorcraft.
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