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As Aviation Week’s Pentagon Editor, Lara Seligman writes about U.S. and international military aviation. Lara began her career as a military reporter covering Navy aviation and shipbuilding for Inside Defense, before moving over to cover the Air Force for Defense News. Prior to moving to the defense beat in 2013, Lara covered Congress and politics, first for National Journal and then for The Hill Newspaper. A Philadelphia native, Lara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

USAF Plans To Retire B-2s, B-1s As B-21 Comes Online 
As Northrop’s next-generation B-21 “Raider” comes online later this decade, the Air Force wants to phase out the nuclear-capable B-2 and conventional B-1, according to two sources with knowledge of the budget discussions.
Is U.S. Navy ‘Turning The Corner’ On F/A-18 Hypoxia Crisis? 
The leader of a probe into unexplained physiological events in the Navy's fighters and trainers says her team is closer to finding a solution in F/A-18s.
Congressman Sharply Rebukes USAF Over Pilot Oxygen Problems  1
An influential lawmaker took the U.S. Air Force to task over its response to a spike in dangerous hypoxia-like cockpit events.
U.S. Air Force Shifts Focus To Maintaining ‘Human Weapon System’  3
As a way to combat the growing fighter pilot shortage, the Air Force is exploring options to provide aviators with comprehensive physical and emotional care.
Could New Nuclear SLCM Bring Russia To Negotiating Table? 
A plan to bring back the U.S. Navy’s SLCM could help the U.S. in arms reduction talks with Russia, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis says.
USAF Working To Fix AC-130J Gun System 
U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command is working hard to resolve challenges integrating the AC-130J Ghostrider's gun weapon system.
Japan Begins F-35 Deployment
Japan has for the first time deployed a Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning to an operational base, dispatching one of its planned fleet of 42 aircraft to Misawa at the northern end of Honshu.
Top U.S. Diplomat In Singapore To Promote ‘Buy America’ 4
The U.S. State Department has sent its senior diplomat in charge of foreign military sales to the Singapore Airshow as part of President Donald Trump’s push to get more U.S. allies and partners to buy U.S. arms.
Will USAF Actually Buy A Light Attack Aircraft This Time? 45
A decision to put dollars toward procuring a light attack fleet is far from certain, and the Air Force does not have a good track record of following through on this particular issue.
Japan Orders Boeing KC-46 Tanker
The U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing a US$279 million contract for Japan’s first KC-46 tanker, marking the type’s first international sale.
Japan Answers North Korea with JSMs
Japan is arming its new F-35As with medium-range Joint Strike Missiles following North Korea’s most recent intercontinental ballistic missile test.
DOD Says Roadmap Raises Threshold For Nuclear Strike 
In unveiling theTrump administration’s latest Nuclear Posture Review, officials stressed that the roadmap serves to raise the threshold for nuclear attacks, and not lower it, as some critics maintain.
USAF Moves Forward On Light Attack, But Nixes Combat Trial 
The U.S. Air Force is taking a step forward in potentially buying a light attack fleet to fighter terrorists in the Middle East.
Top U.S. Diplomat To Promote ‘Buy America’ In Singapore 
The U.S. State Department is sending its senior diplomat in charge of foreign military sales to the Singapore Airshow to promote U.S. arms sales.
Pentagon Weapons Buying Office Splits In Two 
The Pentagon’s arms-buying operation has been split into two new groups: the undersecretaries of defense for acquisition and sustainment (A&S) and research and engineering (R&E).
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