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As Aviation Week’s Pentagon Editor, Lara Seligman writes about U.S. and international military aviation. Lara began her career as a military reporter covering Navy aviation and shipbuilding for Inside Defense, before moving over to cover the Air Force for Defense News. Prior to moving to the defense beat in 2013, Lara covered Congress and politics, first for National Journal and then for The Hill Newspaper. A Philadelphia native, Lara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

F-35 Excels At Destroying Targets—If They Don’t Move  23
The close-air-support jet of the future, the F-35, will not be capable of hitting moving targets in Block 3F without new bombs.
Are U.S. F-35s Refueling Too Often?  5
The Air Force requires the fighters to hit the tanker every 30-40 min. during an ocean crossing.
USAF, Marine Generals At Odds Over Speeding Up F-35 Buy  6
Two top U.S. Air Force and Marine generals are at odds over whether to accelerate procurement of Lockheed Martin’s F-35.
F-35C Needs New Outer Wings To Carry AIM-9X  161
The head of the F-35 Joint Program Office says the outer wings of 32 carrier-based C-models need to be replaced to carry the Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder, the aircraft’s primary dogfighting weapon.
USAF F-35s Will Deploy To Pacific, And Possibly Europe, This Year 
The U.S. Air Force is sending its first operational squadron of F-35s to the Pacific this year as part of a theater security package, according to a top general.
The Hollow U.S. Fighter Force: Only A Fraction Can Fly  37
The armed services are sounding the alarm over shockingly low readiness rates driven by maintenance backlogs.
USAF, Marines Want Swifter F-35 Weapons Upgrade  1
With their first Lockheed Martin F-35 squadrons now declared ready for combat, the U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps want to speed up the introduction of agile weapons capable of striking fast-moving targets.
How Often Does The F-35 Need To Refuel?  269
A recent, lengthy journey by U.S. Marine Corps F-35Bs traveling from Arizona to Japan has sparked a quiet debate within the Pentagon about how often the stealthy fighter needs to refuel during ocean crossings.
Boeing’s Souped-Up Super Hornet Adds Smart U.S. Navy Firepower  172
The company believes the U.S. Navy could detail a plan to buy “Block 3” Super Hornets as soon as this spring.
Boeing Proposes Upgraded Super Hornet For U.S. Navy 
Boeing is pitching an upgraded “Block III” Super Hornet designed to add firepower and be a smart node on the U.S. Navy’s future network.
At Least Two-Thirds Of USMC F-18s Grounded In December  3
The U.S. Marine Corps is reporting that almost two-thirds of its F/A-18 strike fighters were down due to maintenance in December, an alarmingly high number.
U.S. Air Force Chief: A-10s To Fly At Least Through 2021  4
The U.S. Air Force will not begin drawing down the legacy A-10 fleet until 2021 at the earliest.
U.S. Navy Moves Ahead On Carrier-based Drone  68
The Pentagon wants an unmanned refueling capability to extend the range of the carrier air wing.
F-35 Dominates At Red Flag With 15:1 Kill Rate  157
The U.S. Air Force’s F-35A made its debut at the toughest Red Flag yet, and not only dominated the air space but made the legacy aircraft in the force package even deadlier, according to pilots.
HASC Chairman Urges DOD To Boost Aircraft Modernization 
The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is urging the Pentagon to prioritize aircraft modernization in a supplemental budget request expected by March 1.
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