Kevin Michaels

Kevin Michaels

Contributing columnist Kevin Michaels is president of AeroDynamic Advisory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Opinion: How The C Series Raises The Single-Aisle Bar  59
Bombardier has clearly done its homework, studying lessons learned from bleeding-edge programs like the 787 and also introducing its own innovations.
Opinion: Why Civil Aerospace Is Turning Off Tier 1 Suppliers 
There is concern among Tier 1 leader that the air transport segment is becoming structurally unattractive and less worthy of investment than its alternatives.
Opinion: Is Vertical Integration The Next Big Thing?  4
When five highly regarded and diverse business visionaries all bet on a similar supply chain approach, it certainly merits our attention.
Opinion: Are Single-Aisles Becoming A Commodity?  16
Sales prices for Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s over the past 15 years have barely budged, even as fictional list prices have marched steadily upward.
Opinion: Reasons To Cheer Honeywell-UTC Merger Failure  3
The companies’ significant business overlap would have raised major concern with regulatory authorities, and even if it had been approved, the merger would have faced the wrath of customers.
Podcast: The Doomed Honeywell-UTC Merger
Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno and aerospace analyst Kevin Michaels discuss how massive supplier tie-up would have been “a stick in the eye” to Airbus and Boeing.
Opinion: FX Is New Aerospace Wild Card 
How is currency exchange volatility impacting aerospace suppliers?
Opinion: Are Rolls And Pratt Destined To Merge?  63
Rolls and other aeroengine OEMs need two types of critical mass: scale in gas turbines to fund ongoing R&D and corporate critical mass to ride business ebbs and flows
Opinion: Why Aftermarket Demand Is Not Tracking Airline Capacity  6
Aerospace suppliers would be wise to tune into the “Delta Effect” and the other factors currently impeding aftermarket growth.
Opinion: Why Demand Is Not Tracking Robust Capacity Growth 
MRO demand will grow a paltry 1-2% in this year while global air transport capacity will increase a healthy 5-6%. Why the divergence?
Opinion: Bombardier’s Options For Survival  47
There are three alternatives for the world’s third-largest civil aircraft manufacturer to survive: sell assets, shut down the C Series or accept government intervention.
Opinion: Is Berkshire Hathaway’s Acquisition Of PCC A Good Move?  3
Fantastic earnings, a large backlog, high entry barriers and fortuitous timing. What isn’t to like about this deal? I have several important concerns.
Opinion: Is The Party Of Cheap Capital About To End?  2
A higher cost of capital combined with sustained low fuel prices would make for a very interesting ride in the years ahead.
Opinion: McNerney’s Reputation Will Only Grow 6
Like former U.S. President Harry Truman, he made bold and consequential decisions that damaged his popularity but positioned his organization for long-term success.
Opinion: How Changes In Global Capitalism Shape Business Aircraft Demand 
Light and medium business jet sales are not profiting from the surge in profits in the corporate realm, but large business jets are. Here are some reasons why.

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