Kent S. Jackson

Kent S. Jackson
FAA Reauthorization — Finally: Agency Gets Funding, Many New Tasks 
The business aviation community has mostly focused on what the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 does not contain: ATC privatization.
ADS-B, Or Not To Be: What If You Miss The Deadline? 
The FAA is still offering $500 rebates to owners of fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft based on their purchase of certain avionics.
‘Increasing Charter Air Transportation Options’: Reviewing New Broker Regs  1
Fourteen years after calling for regulations of air charter brokers, the U.S. Transportation Department has finally published a new set of regulations.
Selling Used Aircraft: Don’t Give An Unintentional Warranty 
When selling a used aircraft, put pride aside. Sell it as-is, where-is, with all details subject to verification by the buyer.
Inflight Medical Emergencies: Practical and Legal Considerations  4
If a business aircraft crewmember becomes ill or otherwise incapacitated, there is little room for discussion: Land as soon as possible.
Did East Hampton Divert Airport Funds To Fight Airport Use?  1
The NBAA wants the FAA to deter airports from diverting grant funds away from runway and ramp maintenance and instead spending the money on legal fees to restrict airport access.
Point Of Law: Sharing Aircraft 
Congress recently clarified that aircraft management fees should not be subject to Federal Excise Tax, nor should flights operated by the aircraft owner. However, there are still many gray areas for business flight operations.
Financing Business Aircraft: Exploring Options After The Recession 
Whichever finance “product” appeals to you, don’t rely on a “term sheet” to make your decision. Insist on reading all of the documents.
What The Tax Law Means For Your Operation 
The 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has some important provisions relating to aircraft purchases, operations and federal excise taxes that drew little notice by the media as the bill raced through the federal legislature.
FBO Liability Hazards: What Can Go Wrong On The Road 
Perhaps the most persistent FBO nightmare remains the February 2010 hangar collapse at Dulles Jet Center that damaged 19 aircraft.
Charter Broker Rules Hold Operators Responsible For Broker Misdeeds  1
New U.S. Transportation Department transparency requirements may result in delays or stranded charter passengers.
Navigating Rules For Personal Flights In The Company Aircraft 
Flight departments must walk a narrow path to satisfy all regulatory requirements.
UAS (Drone) Regulations  1
Tired of climbing into a cramped cockpit and contending with cumulonimbus and demanding passengers? Why not instead don a pair of fuzzy slippers, settle into a recliner and become a remote pilot in command?
Aircraft Tracking: Who Is Watching You? 
There is a growing awareness and concern that those who have asked that ATC tracking data be blocked from dissemination on the Internet are now subject to exposure through growing networks that capture their Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transmissions. Today, there are thousands of tracking capture sites receiving data from unwitting operators.
Point of Law: FAR Part 91 Maintenance Programs 1

There are two maintenance questions that are posed to me again and again: First, “Are Mandatory Service Bulletins really mandatory?” and its counterpart: “When the manufacturer updates the maintenance program, do I have to comply with the changes?”

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