Jay Menon

Jay Menon
India Correspondent,
Aviation Week
India’s Light Utility Helicopter Takes Flight 
India successfully conducted the first flight of it homemade Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) on Sept. 6.
India To Launch Advanced Weather Satellite Sept. 8 
India is preparing to launch an advanced meteorological sat this week, taking a step closer toward enhancing climate prediction and disaster warning tech.
India Looks To Engage Private Industry In Space Business 
India is working to engage its private sector in satellite manufacturing and double its satellite launch rate, the country’s top scientist says.
India Plans To Launch 68 Sats At Once In 2017 
India is hoping to launch a record 68 satellites in a single mission early next year, taking a giant step in space commerce as it competes for a bigger share of the burgeoning global space market worth billions of dollars.
U.S., India Sign Defense Logistics Pact 
India and the U.S. have signed a bilateral Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) by which both nations can use each other’s land, air and naval bases for repair and resupply.
ISRO Successfully Tests Scramjet Engine 
India has successfully tested its indigenously developed supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) engine, which engineers hope could one day allow a tenfold reduction in the cost of space launch.
India To Test Air-breathing Propulsion Technology 
The scramjet propulsion experiment will be carried by the RH-560 two-stage sounding rocket launched from Sriharikota spaceport in south India on Aug. 28.
India Plans To Launch 70 Satellites By 2019 
India is working to launch 70 satellites in the next three years, with plans to lift at least four satellites by year’s end, a senior space scientist says.
India’s Jet Airways Defers Boeing 787 Delivery 
Jet Airways, India’s second-largest airline by passengers, has put on hold the delivery of 10 Boeing 787 aircraft due late in 2017.
India’s First Solar Probe Delayed Again 
India’s first solar probe appears to have experienced another delay, with the launch now rescheduled for the end of this decade.
India To Buy One More C-130 J 
India has approved the acquisition of a C-130 J aircraft to replace the one that crashed in 2014.
India Seeks Ideas For Second Mars Mission 
The Indian Space Research Organization is polling scientists “to come up with proposals for carrying out more substantive scientific experiments” on its second Mars probe.
India, U.S. Make Headway On Joint Satellite 
India and the U.S. are making progress toward developing a dual-frequency synthetic aperture radar (SAR) Earth observation satellite.
IAF’s Hawk Trainer Crashes  1
An Indian air force Hawk advanced trainer aircraft crashed minutes after taking off from an air force base in West Bengal in eastern India on Aug. 4.
India To Launch Advanced Weather Satellite 
India will launch the advanced meteorological satellite Insat-3DR later this month in an attempt to improve the country’s weather forecasting and disaster warning capabilities.

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