Jay Menon

Jay Menon
India Correspondent,
Aviation Week
India Boosts Efforts To Involve Industry In Satellite Making 
India’s state-run space agency is ramping up plans to get Indian industry more involved in satellite building.
India’s Failed Navigation Satellite To Re-enter 
India’s IRNSS-1H navigation satellite, which failed to reach its intended orbit following its Aug. 31 launch, is expected to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere in 40-60 days.
Indian Navigation Satellite Launch Fails 
“The [spacecraft's] heat shield did not separate, as a result of which the satellite didn’t complete the fourth stage,” says A.S. Kiran Kumar, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization.
India To Acquire More Than 230 Naval Helicopters 
India has issued its biggest-ever global tender to procure more than 230 new multi-role maritime helicopters, in an attempt to address the growing shortage of helicopters available for deployment on its warships.
India Mounts Aggressive Plan To Launch 21 Rockets By 2021 
The 21 launches will include the second test flight of India's heaviest rocket—the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle or GSLV Mk.3..
India Plans 21 Rocket Launches By 2021 
India’s state-run space agency has announced plans to launch 21 rockets in the next four years to bolster the country’s launch capability.
India Targets Late August For IRNSS-IH Launch 
India is planning to launch its eighth Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System spacecraft in the last week of August, an Indian Space Research Organization official says.
India To Buy Six More Apaches 
India has decided to buy six AH-64E Apache Longbow attack helicopters for its army’s aviation wing to enhance its strike forces.
India Building Hyperspectral Earth Observation Sat 
India is developing a Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite (HySIS) to aid in applications ranging from mineral exploration to military surveillance.
India Improves Timing On Navigational Satellites 
India’s seven-satellite regional navigation system will be linked to ground-based atomic clocks in the country.
Boeing Expects India To Order 2,100 Aircraft Over 20 Years 
India is one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets, with domestic passenger traffic growing at more than 20% percent a year.
India Hunts For New Rocket Hardware Makers 
India’s state-run space agency is looking for new manufacturers of rocket parts to boost the country’s launch capability.
India To Build Second RLV Demonstrator By 2018 
The unmanned, unpowered RLV-TD is a space shuttle-like subscale reusable spaceplane that is launched atop a booster rocket.
India Kicking Off Long-Awaited Sub Project 
Ten years after its initial approval, India’s long-awaited international competition to build six advanced submarines has begun.
Manufacturing Begins On Joint U.S.-Indian Radar Satellite 
India’s space agency and NASA have begun building hardware for the joint Nisar dual-frequency synthetic aperture radar satellite, due for launch in 2021.
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