Jen DiMascio

Jen DiMascio
Managing Editor, Defense, Space & Security,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Based in Washington, Jen manages Aviation Week’s worldwide defense, space and security coverage.
Prior to taking on her current role, Jen was Aviation Week's Congressional Editor. Jen came to Aviation Week in March 2011 from Politico, where she covered the intersection of defense and politics. She also worked as a reporter and editor for Defense Daily, Inside the Army, The Other Paper and The Columbus Dispatch.
Jen received a Master’s degree in journalism as a Kiplinger Fellow at the Ohio State University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in history and journalism from the University of Michigan.

Missile Defense Money, UAV Rules, Amateur Rockets And GPS Cost Overruns 
Directed energy an MDA priority; states filling void on UAV rules; FAA modernizes rules for amateur rockets and increased costs for a GPS system.
Airbus Opts Out Of Japanese Tanker Competition 
Airbus Defense and Space is opting out of the Japanese competition for four aerial refueling tankers because the current request for bids appears to favor its rival, Boeing, Airbus confirms.
The Week in Defense, Sept. 10-17, 2015 
Layoffs at Lockheed; Global Hawk deployment; Slovakia buys Black Hawks and new pilot training facility.
Sizing Up A Shutdown, Tower Cost Control And SpaceX Scrutiny  1
Budget experts begin to worry about a potential government shutdown; the FAA disputes method of finding control tower inefficiencies; and NASA tells lawmakers it is tough on Space X.
Podcast: Russia Counters U.S. Advantages 21
Advances in Russian military technology on display at the Moscow Air Show, including jammers and missiles, illustrate how Russia has pursued an asymmetric response counter to U.S. advantages.
Raptors in Europe 4
The F-22 is flying across European skies through the middle of this month to train with European forces and lend support to allies in Eastern Europe.
Raptor To Europe; Pilots On Air Traffic Privatization; Pakistan’s Nukes 
The Air Force is sending F-22s to Europe, airline pilots prepare for a stopgap FAA bill, Pakistan is making 20 nuclear weapons a year and a blunt solution to unwanted drone flights.
Canada Reiterates Support For SAR Satellite Upgrades 
As the Canadian general election approaches in October, the government is touting its commitment to improving its search-and-rescue efforts, including its contribution to a global Earth-monitoring satellite system.
Canada Reiterates Support For SAR Satellite Upgrades 
With a large area to cover, Canada plans to build 24 repeaters for the global Medium Earth Orbit Search-and-Rescue project.
Proliferation Of UAVs, Open Skies And Budget Politics 
If the FAA can’t keep UAVs away from airports, maybe Congress can. The Pentagon plans more UAV patrols. Air Line pilots prepare for a decision on open skies, and Democrats plead for budget talks.
Senate Leader Pushed By Democrats For Budget Talks 
Senate Democrats are asking Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to start talking about the budget before the August recess ends.
Democrats Push Senate Leader For Budget Talks 
Senate Democrats are asking Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to start talking about the budget before the August recess ends.
U.S. Lawmakers Try To Break Inaction In Arctic  2
Climate changes are making the northern reaches of greater economic and strategic interest, but the U.S. military has a long way to catch up to the Russians and other nations.
Podcast: Fighters – the F-35 and Beyond 7
A look at the obstacles that lie ahead for Lockheed Martin’s mammoth F-35 program, how its limitations with dogfighting is leading other militaries to tout maneuverability and how the U.K. is equipping other fighters with weapons that the F-35 can’t yet use. Amy Butler and Tony Osborne also spend a little time discussing this summer’s tanker blues.
Taking Aim At Bag Fees, Commercial Crew Reductions  3
Sen. Nelson wants to shed light on opaque airline fees. NASA buys more launches with Russia. And the Pentagon welcomes a new set of leaders.

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