Jen DiMascio

Jen DiMascio
Managing Editor, Defense, Space & Security,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Based in Washington, Jen manages Aviation Week’s worldwide defense, space and security coverage.
Prior to taking on her current role, Jen was Aviation Week's Congressional Editor. Jen came to Aviation Week in March 2011 from Politico, where she covered the intersection of defense and politics. She also worked as a reporter and editor for Defense Daily, Inside the Army, The Other Paper and The Columbus Dispatch.
Jen received a Master’s degree in journalism as a Kiplinger Fellow at the Ohio State University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in history and journalism from the University of Michigan.

The Week In Defense, Aug. 16-23, 2018 
F-22’s Poland deployment; Lockheed wins Next-Gen OPIR contract; Inside Israel’s networking warfare plans and the first firing of the Philippine navy missile.
Lockheed Gets $2.9B For Missile Warning Satellite Work 
The USAF has awarded Lockheed Martin a $2.9 billion contract to make three next-generation missile warning satellites destined for geosynchronous orbit.
What Was In The Space Force Report, What Wasn’t, And What It Means  9
There are many unanswered questions in the Pentagon about the White House’s push to create a sixth branch of the U.S. armed forces.
Maxar Helping MDA Devise Space Sensor Layer 
Maxar Technologies has won one of nine contracts to help the Missile Defense Agency build a prototype missile tracking system.
Spire Satellites To Ride On Vega Launcher 
Spire has chosen Arianespace to launch “a significant number” of its cubesats on a Vega rocket in 2019.
The Week In Defense, Aug. 9-16, 2018 
Maxar to build prototype missile defense space-sensor architecture; Latvia approved to buy Black Hawks; UK gets more F-35s, and Malaysia’s Su-30s need repair.
Podcast: Darpa’s Space Shakeup
Guest star Fred Kennedy, the director of Darpa’s Tactical Technology Office, talks to Aviation Week about ways to revolutionize satellites, space launch and the U.S. Air Force’s reliance on stealth.
How Darpa May Disrupt U.S. Military Space Launch, Sat Plans 
The director of Darpa’s Tactical Technology Office is following through on his promise to disrupt the way the military does business in space.
Mattis Backs New Space Combatant Command 
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Aug. 7 he supports creating a combatant command for space.
U.S. Army Soliciting Small Satellite Technologies 
The U.S. Army is looking for space and missile defense research into many topics, including “tactically responsive space.”
A New Ecosystem in Space
The reduction in space launch costs and anticipation of thousands of small satellites is attracting $2-3 billion in investment in newly seeded types of businesses—from those that gather and analyze data to others that manage space traffic and communications signals and more.
Will The KC-46 Face Another Delay?  19
An outstanding issue with refueling U.S. Navy aircraft could cause yet another delay in Boeing's KC-46 tanker program.
Air Mobility Command Looks To Space to Stay Relevant 
U.S. Air Force leaders, taken by the potential of reduced-cost space travel, are looking at ways expand cargo and transportation operations past the edge of the atmosphere within the next decade.
Stratcom Chief: Space-Based Missile Defense Can Be Affordable 
The head of U.S. Strategic Command plans to move quickly to develop requirements for a space-based missile defense tracking system, which he thinks can be accomplished affordably.
The Week In Defense, Aug. 2-9, 2018  1
Israel inches toward UAS carriers; Bulgaria reopens fighter contest; Indonesia C-130, Su-35 deliveries delayed to 2019; U.S. sells more munitions abroad.
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