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James Drew
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A journalism graduate of the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, James moved to Washington, D.C. in January 2014 to pursue a career in defense trade reporting after more than two years writing for community newspapers in Brisbane. James began reporting for Inside Washington Publishers’ Inside the Air Force before moving to Flightglobal, where he traveled extensively as a Washington-based military aviation reporter for the company’s online and print publications. James is a former Australian Army Reserve rifleman with an interest in military hardware, media, photography and video production. He joined Aviation Week in June 2016.

Who Is Vying For Key U.S. Air Force Business?  3
The T-X and J-Stars competitions are finally underway, but who will respond and who is all talk?
U.S. Air Force Guided Nuclear Bomb Flight Testing Ramps Up  13
The U.S. Air Force and Boeing are making progress in their development of a guidance kit for the B61-12 nuclear bomb.
Battle Begins For T-X Advanced Pilot Trainer  1
U.S. Air Force kicks off its $16.3 billion T-X contest as gaps in fighter pilot training grow.
Who Has The Edge As U.S. Air Force J-Stars Contest Begins?  30
Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop and potentially others are gunning for the Air Force’s $7 billion J-Stars Recap program.
U.S. Air Force Phases Out Legacy U-2 Sigint Collector 
The Lockheed Martin Skunk Works U-2S fleet appears to have fully transitioned to the RQ-4 Global Hawk’s primary communications and electronic intelligence collector, the Northrop Grumman ASQ-230 Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP).
Will Future Vertical Lift Come Of Age In 2017?  3
Bell’s V-280 and Sikorsky/Boeing’s SB-1 aim to change how the U.S. Army fights wars.
USAF’s Next ICBM To Need Airborne Command Post 
The days of launching intercontinental ballistic missiles from flying command posts in testing and nuclear war are here to stay, with the U.S. Air Force making provisions to link current and future “Doomsday Planes” with its next-generation missile, the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent.
Flight Testing Of B61-12 Nuke Enters New Phase 
The U.S. Air Force’s six-year development of a guidance kit for the 1968-vintage B61 thermonuclear bomb has entered the final stretch, with qualification flight testing due to begin in March followed by a developmental test and an evaluation series in August.
Congress Adds Caveats To Compass Call, Jstars Programs 
For Compass Call, the Air Force wants to "re-host" the EC-130H fleet’s primary mission equipment on as many as 10 Gulfstream G550s, based on the highly customized conformal airborne early warning (CAEW) airframe used by Israel, Singapore, and Italy and ordered by the U.S. Navy. It would be designated EC-37B.
U.S. Air Force Launches $16 Billion T-X Competition  23
The U.S. Air Force has launched its highly-anticipated T-X next-generation trainer competition, issuing a request for proposals on Dec. 30 that will likely be answered by five or six industry team already vying for the $16.3 billion contract opportunity.
U.S. Air Force Launches $7 Billion Jstars Competition  43
The U.S. Air Force has launched another multi-billion dollar aircraft competition, this time to replace its fleet of second-hand Boeing 707-300-based Northrop Grumman E-8C Jstars tank hunters that first deployed as part of Operation Desert Storm in 1991.
Lockheed's Annual PAC-3 Order Grows To $1.45 Billion  2
Missile shields are second to the F-35 when it comes to international revenue for Lockheed Martin.
Russia Combs Black Sea For Tu-154 Crash Victims 
The Tu-154B-2 belonging to the Russian air force had stopped off in Sochi en route to Russia’s coastal airbase in Latakia, Syria, but went down less than one mile (1.5 km) from shore moments after takeoff.
Value Of Scud-Destroying Air Defense Missiles Increases  4
The worldwide missile market is on an upward trajectory through 2021, led by air defense weaponry.
Can Canada’s Liberals Make Good On Defense Pledges? 
Canada is playing two sides when it comes to replacing its outdated CF-18 Hornet.
VH-92 Presidential Helo Passes Critical Design Review
July 27, 2016

Well spotted, although I suspect the Republican Party wishes Trump was getting around in an experimental helicopter...

Industry Pushes Back Against USAF Gulfstream EC-37B Plan
June 19, 2016

Nicely said all. There are so many aspects to this EC-37B story, and there's no right answer, but it keeps us reporters busy as everyone has their say. If this Gulfstream...

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