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James Drew
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A journalism graduate of the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, James moved to Washington, D.C. in January 2014 to pursue a career in defense trade reporting after more than two years writing for community newspapers in Brisbane. James began reporting for Inside Washington Publishers’ Inside the Air Force before moving to Flightglobal, where he traveled extensively as a Washington-based military aviation reporter for the company’s online and print publications. James is a former Australian Army Reserve rifleman with an interest in military hardware, media, photography and video production. He joined Aviation Week in June 2016.

U.S. Army Leadership ‘Won’t Stand’ For Future Vertical Lift Delays  11
The heads of the U.S. Army say they “won’t stand for delays” on the multiservice Future Vertical Lift program, despite a re-phasing in the fiscal 2019 budget.
Two Dead In U.S. Navy Super Hornet Crash 
The U.S. Navy has confirmed that the two crewmembers involved in a Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet crash on March 14 in Key West, Florida, have died.
USAF Forgoes Epawss Upgrade On F-15C Eagle 
The U.S. Air Force is skipping a significant threat awareness and survivability upgrade for the Boeing F-15C in favor of “more critical needs" for the fleet.
B-52 Engine Competition May Begin In 2019, USAF Says 
The competition to replace the Boeing B-52 bomber’s outdated Pratt & Whitney TF33-103 engine could get underway in early 2019, the U.S. Air Force says.
Kratos Tactical UAV Goes International 
Kratos has been cleared by the U.S. State Department to begin marketing its Unmanned Tactical Aerial Platform-22 Mako to “U.S. ally and partner nations.”
MDA Wants Another Shot With SM-3 Block 2A Interceptor  1
The head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency wants to conduct another end-to-end demonstration of Raytheon’s newest exoatmospheric ballistic missile interceptor.
Textron’s ATAC Readies F1s For Nellis Adair Bid 
Airborne Tactical Advantage Co.is gearing up for the U.S. Air Force’s Nellis Adversary Aircraft competition, with plans to offer the Dassault Mirage F1s.
Podcast: The New Cold War Footing
In response to new threats from China and Russia, the U.S. is putting its energy into hypersonic technologies and rethinking its plan for the next-generation of air superiority.
USAF Launches Nellis Adversary Aircraft Competition 
The future of the U.S. Air Force’s Adversary Air program at Nellis AFB, Nevada, will be decided in a new competition launched on March 3.
This Is Boeing’s Play For MQ-25 ‘Stingray’  40
Boeing Phantom Works rolled out the “T-1” tanking UAV prototype in November 2014, but kept under wraps until recently. Now, the covers have finally come off.
Senators Doubt USAF’s Timeline For Replacing Huey 
The U.S. Air Force is once again under fire from U.S. lawmakers over its fumbling of a helicopter program to replace the Bell UH-IN Huey, which has been in active service since 1970.
Cold War Frost Grips Nuclear Arms Debate 
The U.S.’s planned development of a low-yield nuclear SLBM and SLCM punctuates a turning point in the long-running drive toward arms reduction as Putin also unveils new weapons meant to undermine Western missile defenses.
General Warns Sixth-Gen Must Arrive Faster Than F-35 
If it takes as long to field a sixth-generation fighter aircraft as the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has, the warplane “may already be irrelevant.”
First MS-177-Equipped Global Hawk Arrives At Beale AFB 
The first Northrop Grumman RQ-4 equipped with the UTC Aerospace Systems MS-177 imaging camera has moved to Beale AFB, California, to begin operational testing.
Lockheed Picks Raytheon For F-35 DAS Upgrade  1
Raytheon has been selected by Lockheed Martin to produce electro-optical distributed aperture systems (EO-DAS) for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.
VH-92 Presidential Helo Passes Critical Design Review
July 27, 2016

Well spotted, although I suspect the Republican Party wishes Trump was getting around in an experimental helicopter...

Industry Pushes Back Against USAF Gulfstream EC-37B Plan
June 19, 2016

Nicely said all. There are so many aspects to this EC-37B story, and there's no right answer, but it keeps us reporters busy as everyone has their say. If this Gulfstream...

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